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Yoga For Cyclists

yoga for cyclists

Bicycling is one of the few activities where the muscles involved are stressed in contraction rather than an extension. Over time, this can lead to decreased elasticity of these muscle groups and a size reduction.

Spending long periods in the saddle and pedaling is not a natural necessity for the human body. A cyclist’s posture will always be unnatural for a person, and it can lead to an imbalance of muscle activity and subsequently to injury. Yoga for bikers can be a solution.

An overly bent lower back and constant hip activity will cause the hip muscles to hang in tension and not stop relaxing. Also, back and knee pain is one of the cyclist’s constant companions. Subsequently, it will become a problem not only during cycling but also in everyday life.

Nothing seems to hurt, on the contrary, you feel a tone in the muscles. Joint problems occur unnoticed, and many cyclists do not associate the discomfort with anything serious. Some yoga poses for cyclists can prevent this.

When the efficiency in the leg muscles decreases, the cyclist begins to compensate with the whole body and arms. It causes the center of gravity to shift to the front of the body, and then the problems move to the upper back, spine, and neck. Of course, it is worth checking the geometry of the bike and the correct fit and compliance with the height of the cyclist, to begin with.

Yoga Stretches for Cyclists

essential yoga for cyclists

There is no point in stretching before a ride. It is enough just to warm yourself up with a few squats. But after your workout, when your muscles are toned, it’s time to do a yoga sequence for cyclists.

If you’re going on a 50-100 kilometer trip, a little exercise during stops will only help your muscles stay in working condition and not get tired for a long time.


It is the main leg muscles that work the most when cycling. In addition to stretching after workouts, we would recommend doing small exercises during stops. Since this muscle is contracted all the time and rarely straightens out 100%, the best yoga poses for bikers would be a couple of bends to your toes. Or bend your legs back toward your buttocks.

Adductor (inner) thigh muscles

yoga routine for cyclists

In most cases, the best yoga poses for cyclists train the muscles of the inner thigh. Exercises for these muscles are mostly of interest to women to perfect their beautiful legs. Since these muscles are rarely used in everyday life, many athletes have an imbalance between the adductor muscles and the rectus thigh muscle.

It is especially evident in cyclists who do not use contact pedals and all the force is given by pushing their feet on the flat surface of the pedal. In such cases, the rectus muscle is overstretched because it is used all the time while riding and ends up taking an entire load of holding the body up. Therefore, the internal adductor muscles begin to degenerate.

It is quite easy to tone the adductor muscles of the hip, just do exercises such as sumo squats and sumo deadlift, they will be basic and therefore primary for the inner surface of the hip. You should not lift additional weights, because the adductor muscles are very easy to injure. It is also possible to do the pigeon pose.

Pigeon pose – Essential Yoga for Cyclists

best yoga poses for bikers

When riding a bicycle, you keep your head straight at all times, focusing your attention on the road. Bicyclists do not have a headrest like a car driver to rest a little. Therefore, the neck and shoulders are also under strain. In the back of the head, a lot of tendons and nerves converge, the state of which depends on the work of the brain, spine, and vision.

Even if you are not a cyclist, but spend a lot of time in one position of the head, looking at a smartphone, or sitting in front of the computer monitor – stretching the muscles of the neck is also important for you. Hold your head down for 30 seconds and let the muscles stretch.

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