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Yakima Hitch Bike Rack Parts: Main Features of the Bike Car Mounts

Yakima Hitch Bike Rack Parts

Despite the development of automobile transport, bicycles do not give up their position and are relevant for country rides. There are many other reasons for transporting a bicycle by car. Often there is a question associated with the transportation of bicycles in a car, because such a two-wheeled vehicle is an object of complex shape with handles, pedals, and frame. For this purpose, a bicycle mount with plenty of Yakima hitch bike rack parts for the car comes in handy. Of course, there are models of bikes that have a folding frame, which can be placed in the trunk or, as a last resort, in the cabin of the car, but most bicycles are produced with a solid frame. In such a case, you will surely need some of the Yakima hitch mount bike racks.

It is of high importance to take care of a reliable and durable attachment, or rather – a full structural platform with a fixation system. Having the right Yakima hitch 2 bike rack for your car saves space and makes it much easier to transport the bike. The most popular bicycle holders are the roof, trunk, and optional trailer rack attachments.

The advantages of a top rack are unhindered quick access to the rear rack, while a rear rack mount tends to be more affordable and suitable for a variety of vehicles. Optional Yakima trailer hitch bike racks make the loading and unloading procedure easy and quick and are the best choice for frequent use. So, here’s an overview of the best modern Yakima 4 bike rack hitch mounts.

All You Need to Know about Yakima Bike Rack Hitch

ima Bike Rack Hitch guide

Yakima is an American manufacturer of car accessories. The company began more than 48 years ago in 1973 as a small machine shop in Yakima, Washington. The founders of this company were brothers Gene and Otto Lagerwall. They first made footrests for kayaks and canoes, but then decided to create a universal Yakima 2 bike hitch rack. The company changed management for a long time without launching mass production of bicycle mounts. But in 1995, the first old Yakima hitch bike rack SteelHead was produced. Fifteen years later, the company was taken over by the bicycle accessory giant Kemflo, which also owns Prorack and Whispbar.

Now the company occupies a leading position not only in the U.S. market, but also in the world. All this is due to the use of quality materials, the modern design of the Yakima bike hitch racks, and the implementation of innovations in the industry from their research center.

The range of their products has greatly expanded, now the company offers bike rack Yakima hitch mounts, ski and snowboard, and water equipment carriers, as well as trailers for transporting boats and canoes, tents for camping, and accessories. All models of 4 bike hitch racks from the Yakima brand have a modern sporty design and style that is elegant, concise, and understated to fit the look of the car.

Yakima 4 Bike Hitch Rack Review

Yakima 4 Bike Hitch Rack Review
YAKIMA, HoldUp Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack, 1-1/4″

Yakima bike rack hitch 4 bikes are unique in their design, they are characterized by durability and smooth operation combined with high aesthetics. The bike is secured by the front wheel, preventing contact with the frame. This model is the optimal solution for transporting bicycles with fragile carbon frames or unusually shaped frames. Yakima 2 bike rack hitch (there is no difference in mounts, but the quantity of bikes) features a universal mounting system that is compatible with all types of crossbars: round, square, aerodynamic, and original factory one.

Mounts to base bars in minutes without the use of additional tools. Designed for bikes with wheel sizes ranging from 20-29″ and a maximum tire width of 3″. Easy installation of transported equipment: you need just to put the bike on the rack, the Yakima 3 bike hitch rack automatically locks the front wheel, then the bike can be released and with the freed hands complete the securing of the wheels. The extendable platform-holder of the rear wheel can be adjusted to the specific length of the bicycle, and a toothed strap with a locking part ensures reliable stability. The Yakima bike rack hitch part with locks with a key on the crossbars, a built-in cable lock ensures the bike is locked and protected from theft.

Assembly and Installation of the Mount

The Yakima bike mounts come assembled and installed with adjustable stainless-steel straps that attach to any shape of the crossbar. A T-profile conversion kit is sold separately, allowing you to directly attach the bike mount to the T-rail crossbars for a more aesthetic appearance. This Yakima 3 bike rack hitch can be installed on either the driver’s side or the passenger’s side. It has a total length of 55 inches when folded and weighs 17.5 lbs.

The mount features a rear-wheel tray that slides freely out of the mounting mechanism, extending the length of the bike mount. This way, you don’t have to worry about how the distance between the crossbars will affect the installation of the mount.

Bicycle Mounting: Yakima Holdup 2 Bike Hitch Rack Instruction

Bicycle Mounting guide

All Yakima 5 bike hitch racks are very fast, easy, and importantly convenient to install. Based on reviews of bike mounts, Yakima is at the top for ease of use. So what does it take to secure your bike? First, you have to raise the front hinge, then you have to insert the front wheel of your bike into it.

This easy motion will secure your bike steadily and free your hands for further installation. Now you need to lift the rear hoop, making sure that the crank arms don’t get in the way. To lock the front wheel in place, you just need to twist the threaded handle. The knob also has a handy torque-limiting feature, not much different from many torque wrenches – you just tighten it to a click.

This eliminates any doubt whether the bike is securely mounted or not. Earlier generations of Yakima bike mounts, such as Yakima Fullswing 4 bike hitch racks, used to make you first set the wheel size with an adjustable front hoop, and then to continue the bike mounting. The new Yakima mounts are simpler in this regard and don’t require you to initially adjust the wheel size.

Bicycle Safety

These Yakima 2 bike hitch mount racks are mostly equipped with built-in cable locks that are neatly inserted into the tray when not in use. The cable is long enough to reach the rear wheel by going through the frame. If you also want to additionally lock the front wheel, you will have to purchase an additional cable.

Other bike mounts like the Allen 4 bike hitch rack include two locking cores: one to lock the cable and one to lock the handle. It’s easy to use, safe from thefts, and secure while driving. By comparison, the Curt 4 bike hitch rack also has a cable lock on the rear wheel, but it does not have a crossbar lock. However, this anti-theft system can be purchased separately. Unfortunately, none of these locking systems is a one hundred percent guarantee against a determined thief.

How Does the Bicycle Behave While Riding?

How Does the Bicycle Behave While Riding

It is very important that the mount does not interfere with your driving comfort. Also, the absence of noise when driving a car is a huge advantage of bike mounts. Fortunately, all Yakima bike car mounts have excellent aerodynamics.

If we talk about Yakima, this company has a big advantage.

The bike mount has a more streamlined and narrower front profile. In terms of the strength of the hitch, the bike mount holds the front wheel and the whole bike securely.

Pros and Cons of Mounts

Pros of the mounts:

  1. Fits carbon frames.
  2. Compatible with all frame sizes.
  3. Easy and quick installation – takes no more than 2 minutes.
  4. Low weight.
  5. Possibility to adjust each bracket individually.
  6. There is an additional strap – fixes the wheels of the bike.

Cons of the mount:

  1. Low load capacity – up to 70 lbs.
  2. No lock.
  3. Not compatible with One Key System.

There is a sufficient number of different bike mounts for your car on the market. In the review, you will find information about the Yakima company mounts, which will allow you to get acquainted in detail with the technical characteristics, methods of attachment to the car, and fixation of the bike to the mount. The information you get will help you decide on the most suitable model for your car.

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