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WOW! TOP-5 Bicycling Tours | The Two-wheeled Trips from Around the World

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For cyclists, even the most ordinary places open up in unexpected ways. And traveling by bicycle is easier than it seems to be. You don’t have to be an athlete to ride the European bicycle lanes or the cities of the Golden Ring. And if you practice a little, you can even reach the Himalayas.The steepest, most colorful, and dangerous bike touring routes that every true cyclist should ride.

Below are listed the best bike trips in the world that will not leave any self-respecting cyclist indifferent. Read the article and go ride all of them!

Perfect bicycle trips: short-list

cycling trips

Ciao, Italy!

The first place where you can spend your bike tour vacation is lovely Italy. The Italian Riviera beckons with its unreal blue sea, elegant old towns, and cypress-scented air. It’s good to wander the winding streets, lounge on the beach, and then eat some pasta with pesto in a traditional restaurant. Not adventurous enough? Then rent a bike and hit the local biking trails. There’s no need to break any records – the Ligurian coast is packed with trails that even kids can tackle.

You can start your bike tour in San Lorenzo al Mare, where the bicycle path goes all the way to Ospedaletti. If you come across tunnels, don’t be surprised as this used to be a railroad line but was replaced by smooth asphalt. The whole 24km you can cover in a day, but if you get tired you can stop in any of the towns along the way. Just make sure you don’t miss Sanremo. And if you come in March, you’ll get straight to the festival of flowers – you can consider it a reward for a cycling trip.

Ni hoa, China!

One of the best bike trips begins in China. This country will surely surprise you! Take a bike ride through the incredible scenery that has inspired Chinese artists and poets over the centuries to write their greatest masterpieces.

After seeing some of the country’s most famous landmarks including the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, and the Imperial Palace, you can embark on a cycling adventure along the deepest gorge of China- the Tiger Leaping Gorge and visit the ancient town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Finally, to continue your bicycle tour you may cycle through the landscape of Yangshuo, which can be described as a marvelous painting, and then head forward to the ancient Xinping city.

Privet, Russia!

You may start your cycling trip exploring old Russian towns. Driving through the cities of the Golden Ring, you see not only the walls of the kremlins, but also the thick forests that surround them. You cycle along quiet paths and suddenly as if in a fairy tale, you come to a sunny glade. You hear birds singing and grasshoppers chirping. You absorb the aromas of blooming daisies and fully feel how ancient Russian cities are in perfect harmony with nature.

There are plenty of great bike tours along the Golden Ring. An important nuance: in Russia, outside the two capitals (Moscow and Saint Petersburg), no-one knows what are those cycle paths, so the best way to ride is not to choose the main roads, but the secondary, to be safe. Part of the way you can ride on trails through fields and forests. Experienced cyclists sit over the map and come up with their route. And beginners often join companies with a ready-made route.

Hola, Spain!

The great bike trip can start in Barcelona with a finish line in Valencia. The first destination is Vilanova I la Geltru. The distance from Barcelona to Vilanova I la Geltru is 48 kilometers. Here you can rent bungalows and spend time enjoying the beach and the sea. From Villanova I la Geltru you should continue your bicycle trip through Spain and head to Tarragona. Tarragona is well-known for its Balcony of the Mediterranean, a hill that offers panoramic views of the city and the sea. The ancient Roman amphitheater- is another pearl of the city. From Tarragona, the road leads us to Deltebra with its national park right on the coast, where you can stay at a campsite or set up a tent camp.

From Deltebre, continue your best bike tour and go to the town of Peniscola. The distance is 73 kilometers between those two cities. This is the place of the main attraction of Spain is the Knights Templar Castle, which was built in the XIII – XIV centuries. From Peniscola you can make a march to the final destination – fascinating Valencia. Once you arrive at your destination, it is worth devoting a day to enjoy the towers of the former city wall, the Cathedral of Valencia, the bell towers, and other attractions of the city of Valencia.

Marhaba, Morocco!

Start your best cycling trip in Africa. Getting out of Marrakech is not easy: the labyrinths of the medina can be compared to quicksand. But if you make an effort, it will pay you off later with exotic and beautiful landscapes. The popular cycling route starts in Marrakech, goes through the Atlas mountains, and then descends to the dunes of the Sahara, where enthusiasts can even change their iron horses to camels. Endless serpentine roads through fantastic mountains, oases, and Berber villages, as well as liters of sweet mint tea, await you on the way.

Clothing is better to choose the lightest, but with long sleeves so as not to get burnt in the Moroccan sun. After the bike tour, let yourself relax in the hammam and haggle in the noisy bazaars.
For sure you know Tour de France- the best bicycling tours in Europe and not only. However, we did not mention this route in our article, as it is so usual to cycle in France. We have prepared you for most adventuring bike trips from all over the world, with our guide you may get acquainted with the soul of a Russian village, with the romantic places of Italy, you may see the most famous sights of China, sunbathe on Spanish beaches and delve into the Moroccan history. Isn’t it fascinating? We think it is time to pack your bag!

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