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Winter Biking Jackets: What Is the Best Gear for Cycling Trips in Winter?

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And so, when choosing the best winter cycling clothing, for sure first you think about the head and legs, but don’t forget about your torso. It is unlikely that you would be comfortable moving around if you cannot choose the right jacket or put on a casual down jacket. So today we will show you how to choose the right jacket for yourself, as well as offer several options and a winter cycle jacket review for each.

How to Choose the Best Winter Cycling Jacket?

First, it is worth starting with the selection of the size. Some jackets are available in full form, which is usually only worn by athletes during training or competition. Of course, ordinary lovers of winter skiing won’t hurt to buy it. There are also jackets with a loose fit, which are designed so that you would wear an additional layer under the bottom.

It’s also important to note that there are jackets that manufacturers are trying to make versatile for all types of travel. These jackets are typically more fitted, but you can easily wear them on any type of cycling trip while feeling as comfortable as possible. Still, they are most suitable for off-road driving or mountain driving. But if you like long trips, then definitely pay attention to the mountain options for jackets.

If the weather is severe and cold in the skiing area, then of course only a winter cycling jacket won’t be able to provide you with a comfortable temperature for the body. In this case, you just need to wear additional clothing. For example, in addition to a regular T-shirt, put on thermal underwear, a warm fleece jacket, or several sweaters, and only then a jacket. So in case you get hot, you can remove one layer. If this isn’t quite enough for you, you can put on a vest on top, then you would certainly not freeze.

If you ride during snowfall or don’t exclude the possibility that it may start, choose a jacket and water protection. This would keep you from getting wet and cold. In addition, for those who ride in the late afternoon or cloudy weather, it is important to have reflective elements on the jacket, and of course on the bike, so that you are safe when traveling on the track and roads with cars.

Top Winter Biking Jackets

winter cycling jacket

Rapha Classic Gore-Tex Winter Jacket

This cyclist’s biker jackets have changed over the years, but even the earliest options were incredible. Can you imagine how jackets have improved and become even cooler now? In its manufacture, a special fabric was used that is capable of repelling water and doesn’t let the wind through, while it remains very elastic. Thanks to this, you can put on additional clothing, and at the same time, you won’t be too tight and constrained to move. Plus, it has a two-way zipper. If you get a little hot, you can open the top and bottom of the jacket a little for extra ventilation.

Jack Wolfskin JWP Hybrid

best winter cycling gear

An excellent hybrid jacket that combined the elements of a standard down jacket and sportswear. It doesn’t look very athletic, so it can be called the best winter cycling jacket for commuting. You can put on clothes under it, in which you go to the office and not be afraid that everything may wrinkle or be wet with sweat, because the jacket would regulate the level of heat and absorb excess moisture. If necessary, you can easily remove it and fold it compactly, putting it in a backpack, and you won’t add much weight, because its weight is only 470 grams. Duck down is used in the filling of the jacket, which would perfectly cope with different temperature conditions, and also copes with excessive overheating of the body during high-intensity trips.

Endura US MT500 Freezing Point Jacket II

best winter cycling jacket

Many customers have noted that this is the most comfortable jacket they have ever worn. Thanks to the softshell, the jacket is ideal for fast off-road and mountain riding. Since it sits loosely on the body, your movements won’t be constrained, so the number of possible maneuvers would increase significantly. It is important to note that the top material is DWR treated to prevent wetting. If you suddenly feel hot, but you don’t want to take off your jacket, just open the special ventilation pockets in the armpit area. There is also a hood, which would be useful if there is precipitation. However, we recommend wearing it only when driving uphill, because, on the track, the hood can block your peripheral vision (but if you have mirrors, then you can wear the hood).

Proviz Reflect 360 CRS+

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Another option for those who like more freedom of movement. The main feature of this jacket is 360-degree light reflection, which makes your trip as safe as possible even in the crown of your head. Moreover, this best winter cycling gear has several colors that have light reflectivity. So you can choose the option that suits you best. Also, an important detail is the presence of adjustable cuffs and a belt, which would prevent wind from blowing under the jacket. You can also safely go on a trip in wet or snowy weather because there is a waterproof coating, which would also protect the jacket from dirty spots from the road (we think, if you ride at fast speeds or difficult routes, you know what this is about).

Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket

best winter cycling clothing

A great jacket that’s perfect if you like more form-fitting options or need better aerodynamics. It is perfect for temperatures around 4-7 °C (or 40-43 °F), and if you add extra insulation, the jacket can be worn at a lower temperature. Importantly, even with minimal details in design and material, there is plenty of storage space for your travel essentials, both front, and back. Plus, stylish reflective accents for when it gets dark outside.

So we showed you everything you need to choose the best cycling jacket for cold weather. Be sure to pay attention to how cold it would be during the trip and the strength of the wind, to understand exactly what else you need to wear. If it is cold enough for you, we recommend that you take the jacket one size up if you are going to wear many layers under the bottom. In this case, you would feel comfortable, and nothing would prevent you from enjoying the winter roads. So pick your jacket and hit the road!

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