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Why Would You Need So Many Gears on Your Bike

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Most bikes feature numerous gears that allow a cyclist to cope with varied and extreme terrains. A cyclist will eventually face a steep hill or a steep descent. Sophisticated and high-tech gear systems will help the cyclist to overcome such natural obstacles with maximized comfort.

Single-speed bikes feature only one single gear. City, cruiser, and fixed-gear bikes have such a system that makes them uncomfortable and unsuitable for extreme and cross-country terrains.

Mountain, sports, and cross-country bikes usually feature fifteen and twenty-seven gears. Such variety makes them extremely suitable for cross-country riding rough surfaces.

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Top and low gears allow controlling and regulation of the bike’s speed and cadence. A cyclist needs to switch to top gears to overcome the steep incline and then switch to low gears to gain high speed and cadence.

Such switching allows regulating the bottom and front pull to customize the bike’s speed. This configuration enables the cyclist’s energy during ups-and-downs.

A big variety of gears improves the cycling

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A big variety of gears will help the cyclist to perform maneuvers with minimized energy input while a lesser number of them will force the cyclist to waste energy in vain.

Gears systems that feature big numbers of gears are harder to service and accidental breakages are very frequent. Bikes that feature fifteen, three, or one gear are more durable and sturdy but could be unsuitable for certain terrain types.

The number of gears isn’t a decisive factor at the time of the purchase but you need to pay a lot of attention to them. Defining the purpose of your bike is the most important part of it.

Cruiser and city bikes won’t be suitable for bumpy and rural forest areas which feature steep ups-and-downs. So you should aim at a multi-speed bike only if you plan to test your stamina and endurance during cross-country and extreme rides.

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