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Why Would You Like a Bicycle as a Mean of Commute

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For many years bikes have been very popular around the world. In some countries this type of transport is more common, in some – less but bikes are quite popular everywhere. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this means of transport and why would you like a bicycle as a means of commute? To find this out, let’s look at the study results taken by the University of Amsterdam.

As a result of the exceptional measures taken by many countries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual ways of commute of millions of people have been restricted. All over the world people were motivated or forced to work from home instead of going to work in the usual way. Such change gives the unique opportunity to explore the importance of mobility in people’s lives, the role of personal contacts, and the importance of home-to-work commute.

Climate crisis makes all these issues even more important: the development of an eco-sustainable transport system requires a reduction of transport-related CO2 emissions, a significant part of which are being released by traffic. But, the reduction of mobility has never been popular among politicians and municipalities: until now, it had largely been seen as a radical measure or even as a taboo. In the spring of 2020, this taboo was unexpectedly broken.

This study is based upon the international social media surveys among people who had traveled to work regularly before the pandemic. In infrastructure development, time of home-to-work commute is perceived as something negative that should be minimized: fast and efficient transportation remains the ultimate goal for the planners.

According to the study results, automobilists miss home-to-work commute the least: more than half of this group does not miss home-to-work commute at all. Cyclists miss commuting the most. Ninety-nine percent of respondents who ride a bike every day miss home-to-work commuting.

Such an attitude could be easily explained. Although car drivers and pedestrians see bicycles as an unsuitable and dubious means of transport, cyclists can name dozens of advantages of cycling over car driving.


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All doctors agree that cycling is much more beneficial for human health than car driving. But what benefits cycling has?

Regular cycling is a powerful means of cardiovascular and respiratory systems strengthening and can be recommended for people who suffer from dystonia. Also, men who cycle regularly don’t suffer from prostate adenoma.

During cycling, a cyclist is exposed to cardiovascular stress that allows him to improve his physical performance, burn calories, and increase endurance.

Cycling is extremely useful for women because prolonged exercising is a very effective way to prevent cellulite and varicose veins. Obese people are extremely rare among cyclists. Overweight causes many dangerous diseases and is a serious obstacle to a happy and healthy life.


the urban cyclist

The average cycling speed in the city varies from twelve to twenty kilometers per hour. With such velocity, cyclists can easily bypass the longest congestion or traffic jam. The average car speed on busy metropolis roads varies from twenty to forty kilometers per hour, but congestions and traffic jams cannot be bypassed.

Rush hours are an unsolvable problem for car drivers and public transport users. In general, a bicycle can easily compete with cars, cabs, and public transport in crowded urban environments.


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Bike and car service costs are not comparable. A bicycle doesn’t need to be fueled, annual insurance, parking, and washing. Bicycle maintenance and repairing works are a dozen times cheaper than car’s.

High-quality and a well-serviced bicycle will serve its owner for at least ten years or even more. Also, cycling is one of the most entertaining and cheap forms of family entertainment. Because of numerous advantages of bicycles over other means of transport, bicycle popularity grows day by day and more and more people begin to cycle regularly.

Simplicity and cheapness

Bicycle is the easiest and cheapest vehicle to use. You won’t need to pass exams to get a driving license if you have decided to become a cyclist. You can perform repairing works by yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools.


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Thanks to its small size, permeability, and maneuverability, bicycles can go through almost any terrain. Traffic jams, crowded sidewalks, narrow streets, and alleys will be nothing to you if you will use a bicycle for the commute.

Despite the presence of serious security deficiencies, the bicycle still greatly outstands all other types of transport. If you choose to live a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle and if you want to turn your daily home-to-work routine into something pleasant and salutary, a bike would do the trick.

All these paras prove that a bicycle is the most suitable and enjoyable means of commute. Constant traffic jams, stuffed public transport, and crowded sidewalks tick off anyone. There’s no need to be a part of this madness. Instead, you can become self-reliant and confident about your every step.

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