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Which muscles work when you cycle

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Cycling effectively strengthens your muscles. Your legs, arms, back, and shoulders train during cycling. And it is very important to know which muscle group will experience the biggest impact and will be most exhausted.


Calves are bearing the brunt the most. You’re putting a lot of pressure on your calf once you’re pedaling and starting your bike.


Thighs give you the strength to keep pedaling for a long time. You can feel the burning in these muscles if you’re pedaling uphill.

Buttock muscles

Your buttock muscles do their part too. They’re helping your thigh muscles to cope with pressure and keep the balance on the saddle.


Abs will help you to keep the right position on the bike. You need to keep your back, belly, and arms straight and easily bent. Strong and trained abs will help you a lot to cycle in the right way and much longer.

Arms and shoulders

The upper body is not involved during cycling but your arms and shoulders will help you to confidently hold your handlebar. Trained and strong arms and shoulders might help you to survive in extreme situations when you need a lot of strength to hold the wheel or to cushion the fall.

Your power is in your muscles and cycling can train a lot of muscle groups in your body such as legs, thighs, arms, and torso. A well-trained body and muscles will help you to stay longer on a bike and make a ride comfortable as well as survive in extreme situations.

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