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Which Bike You Should Choose For City Rides

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All bicycle types serve their own purposes. When a person chooses a bike, he mentions such important matters such as his style, his daily needs, his surroundings and terrain as well as living area and physical shape.

Of course, every single external factor plays a huge role when you’re choosing a bike. For example, a person who lives out in the country, may not need a cruiser bike. Depending on the state of the roads, a road bike or a city bike might be the perfect option for him.

Or, if he only wants to get to work and back home in the shortest time with the lowest efforts, a road bike might suit him the best. Any bike can serve any purpose, theoretically. But if you need a bike for city rides you should precisely weigh what you expect from your bike and what’re your primary needs: comfort, velocity, compactness, etc.

To make the right choice you should virtually imagine these paras: during which period of the year you will cycle? how good the roads in your city are? will you be able to store your bike in a house? and how intense your future rides will be?

Your choice should be based on these paras and take into account all bicycle types not to limit the options.

City bike

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City bikes are designed for smooth and rhythmic city rides. They’re perfect for daily cycling and can provide their riders with maximum comfort. Saddles with springs, grabby handlebars, and comfort landing will let you keep back straightened and your clothes clean. Chain box will save your pants or a dress while big wheels and good brakes will help you to cycle with ease.

City bikes have all the positive features of road and cross-country bikes. They’re extremely comfortable but still, have increased permeability. Big, thin, and easy-to-rotate wheels can carry you on without any significant efforts.

Usually, producers equip city bikes with front baskets, lighting, and back trunk so you will have a place to carry your stuff, etc. Newly-purchased city bikes will be able to meet all your needs.

If you plan to use your bike for the daily commute, or if you have a busy life schedule, a city bike will suit you the most due to its ease of usage and exploitation and high convenience for the average person. City bikes are technologically-simple so there’s no chance that something will break down during your ride to work. City bikes are the best bikes for beginners due to their simplicity and durability.

Road bike

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These bikes are designed for fast and intense rides on a smooth and plain surface. Their relevance strongly depends on your surroundings. If your way to work includes numerous stoppages, gouges, dismounts, and other interruptions, a road bike will rather cause you discomfort than help you to get to work peacefully and comfortably.

But if your route is a smooth and continuous track, even on a busy road, there’s no more convenient bicycle type for you. Road bikes are extremely fast and light so you can easily carry them in your hand.

Road bikes have very thin and tough wheels so every gouge or roughness will bump up your saddle and yourself. Also, road bikes can’t jump over the curbs, unlike city and cross-country bikes.

A road bike isn’t the most suitable option for city rides unless you have a well-planned and smooth itinerary in your head to get to your destination point without trouble.

Also, urban settings imply constant dismounts, and considering the pose that a cyclist needs to maintain on a road bike, this moment might bring a lot of discomfort and inconvenience.

Cross-country bike

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We know how popular they are. You might see them on the streets every day, maintained by completely different people: from a clerk and office worker to an electrician or a teenager on his way to school. And there’s a reason for it.

Cross-country bikes are extremely popular among all people’s classes and can serve any purpose. Cross-country bikes have and lack everything that road bikes and city bikes have. They are extremely permeable and can cope with any curbs, gouges, and paving stones but they’re relatively slow and hulking.

Cross-country bikes have good and smooth amortization and advanced gear systems but they’re very heavy and uncomfortable to carry with you. Cross-country bikes feature numerous technological parts and compounds which an unprofessional cyclist cannot fix by himself. So, the maintenance of a cross-country bike requires serious skills and a lot of time.

A cross-country bike could be a good beginner bike due to its permeability and comfortability but you should be prepared for occasional breakages and precise maintenance.

Also, cross-country bikes have their own appearance which might not match your outfit or the place where you are heading. Even a road bike looks good and presentable in front of a cross-country bike.

There’s no certain answer which bike you should choose for city rides because such a choice depends on numerous factors such as surroundings type, road conditions, weather, rides’ length, and many others.

Many novices ask: what to look after when buying a bike? Bike’s appearance is only a part of the whole. Trademark, technological characteristics, frame material, and many other nuances need your attention.

The most common and comfortable choice will be a city bike because other bike types (road bikes and cross-country bikes) require too specific maintenance and riding conditions. There’s no guarantee that your road always will be smooth and plain. Cross-country bikes have a complicated gear system and many technological parts which could break down. City bikes are characterized by their simplicity and durability.

A high-quality city-bike can serve for decades and could be maintained even by an inexperienced cyclist. Also, city bikes match the city-style and your outfit. No matter what you wear, a suit, jeans, or your daily outfit, the city bike will only highlight your appearance.

A city bike is considered the best men’s bicycle due to its effective and classy appearance. Plus, a front basket, back trunk, bell, and lightning will provide you with full comfort and entertainment.

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