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What’s Special About Cruiser Bikes?

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You might feel a desire to take a smooth and comfortable ride on your bike but sometimes you can’t meet your desires, especially if you own a cross-country or a road bike.

Back in 1934, one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers Schwinn designed a brand-new bicycle model and named it a «cruiser».

What’s special about cruiser bikes?

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Cruiser bikes gained wide popularity in the USA among all people class, making their way into Europe and the rest of the world. But what’s special about cruiser bikes and why are they considered the most comfortable bicycle type?

Cruiser bikes have a characteristic elongated frame shape, big rims, low saddle, and high handlebar placing. A rider experiences the feeling of full comfort riding a cruiser bike while being fully relaxed even on a move.

Also, a cruiser bike’s construction allows taking off the pressure from the arms and keeping your back strengthened during the ride. Cruiser bikes are designed for a smooth and calm ride through the parks, beach promenades, bicycle routes, and other recreation zones.

Mud-proof wings and chain’s case will prevent you from getting sully so a cruiser bike can be used for home-to-work daily rides and date walks.

Cruiser bikes are not for fast rides

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Cruiser bikes are not suitable for fast rides and aggressive riding but they can keep you great company if you decide to take a ride through country roads out in nature.

Cruiser bikes perfectly suit the summer season because they do not require intense physical efforts. Such bikes are perfectly good for any clothing such as summer dresses, classic suits, and so on.

Cruiser bikes will fit those who like sedate and peaceful strolls while having the opportunity to fully enjoy the surroundings.

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