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What You Might Need To Know about Bicycle Spokes?

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Spokes are one of the most unnoticeable parts of the bicycle but they play a big role in the bicycle’s functioning. They provide correct wheel rotating as well as keeping its form and solidity.

You need to know a few facts about spokes in order to keep your bike configured and intact.

  • Spokes are usually made of steel or aluminum. Steel spokes are cheaper than aluminum and are vulnerable to rusting and bending. All spokes are divided into two types: straight spokes and spokes with curved ends which are more common. Straight spokes are installed with the help of special wheel hubs.
  • You need to pay attention to your bike’s purpose if you decide to change the spokes or buy a new bike. Different spokes types are designed for different loads and purposes. Ordinary steel spokes with curved ends will suit city or cruiser bikes while road bikes or mountain bikes will need aluminum or one-piece spokes.
  • You shouldn’t go on a ride if your wheel is missing a few spokes. Your wheel might start to wobble from side to side or your rims could bend.
  • You will definitely need to change spokes if you’re changing rims or a hub. Worn out and bent old spokes could damage new wheel parts.
  • Service workers will help you to choose the right spokes in the terms of length, price, durability, alloy materials, and other characteristics.
  • Spokes will be prone to a lot of pressure if your bike features a disc braking system. In that case, you need to see to it that your spokes are made of aluminum or are one-pieced.
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