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What to Do if Your Bike is Stolen?

None of us is immune to the theft of our favorite bicycle. Every day, the manufacturers of bike locks invent new protection mechanisms, while the thieves manage to come up with ways to steal them. It will be fair on our part to work on methods of stolen bike search.

The best one is reporting a stolen bike to police. Law enforcement will record the incident and listen to you. As you initiate a criminal charge, they will begin to search for the thief and the stolen thing.

You can also post an ad on all the social networks in the city asking for help from people who may have seen the bike and putting up advertisements around the neighborhood. In this article, we’ll tell you how to find a stolen bike.

How to find your stolen bike: step by step

how to find your stolen bike
  1. Make a note of the time of the theft and the address where you parked the bicycle. Be sure to call the police and give this information.
  2. Look carefully to see if there are security cameras at the scene of the theft. If there are, you will be able to view the footage and see everything that happened at the time you specified.
  3. There may be traffic video recorders or cars with cameras near the scene of the theft. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help.
  4. If there are no cameras, look around, you will probably be able to find witnesses to the theft. They may be strangers on the benches, salesmen, or security guards. Ask them to testify on a tape recorder and get their contacts.
  5. Be sure to fill out a police report. If you are lucky and the bike has been found, reporting a stolen bike will help you get the bike back. It is good if you have pictures of the bike, and even better if it has distinguishing marks.
  6. In addition to photos, a bicycle passport with the place of purchase and serial number, and a warranty card will help. If you bought any parts, it’s a good idea to keep the receipts.
  7. Be sure to write about the theft of a bicycle on social networks and biking forums. There will always be like-minded people looking for you.
  8. After contacting the police, try to go to the flea markets, perhaps your vehicle is already for sale. Do not worry if you can not find it, leave your contacts to the sellers.
  9. If you have a video of the theft, post it on your social networks. If they capture the thief, maybe someone you know will be able to identify him.
  10. Monitor ads for bicycles in free newspapers and used goods sites.

You’ll have to keep track of all the flea markets and websites, as there’s always a chance of finding your bike. Carry copies of your bicycle documents and a report of the theft with you. It’s one of the best ways how to recover a stolen bike. If you see a bike thief in town, you have the right to stop him and call the police.

If you found the bicycle, don’t try to organize the physical violence of the thieves, because this way you can turn from the victim into the guilty one. It is better to betray the thieves to legal condemnation, in addition to the return of your transport can get compensation.

How do I keep my bicycle from being stolen?

how to recover a stolen bike

To prevent such an event from happening, you need to act correctly and intelligently. Remember: bicycle thefts are usually happening near stores and public parking lots. Therefore, try not to leave your bicycle in such places.

If it is not possible to refuse to park your bike, then you must buy high-quality locking mechanisms. And we recommend using two locks. One lock secures the frame, the other lock – the wheel. Such protection options seem excessive, but practice shows that this is how you can get the protection of your interests from the negative consequences of theft.

Now you have a guide on how to get a stolen bike back. Unfortunately, many crimes remain unsolved, and your bike can already be dismantled for parts or just spoiled. What’s more, often people who are willing to steal don’t have a bank account to pay for your damages. Do whatever you need to do and make a point for the future.

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