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What Size of Bike Do I Need for My Height? How to Use the Bike Size Chart by Height?

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How to Choose the Right Bicycle Size?

Considering buying a bicycle is not a one-time event. To ensure that the subsequent ride is comfortable and painless, even on the problematic ground, it is necessary to understand how to determine the size of the bike frame. Because it is the frame and handlebars that determine a smooth ride. With a properly sized rigid design there will be conditions for easy rolling and steering. Badly chosen size of the bike frame can lead to chafe, sore leg joints, and excessive strain on the back and wrists. To keep your body lean over the bike as comfortably as possible regardless of the distance, you should know what size of bike should I get.

How to Find the Right Bike Size for Your Height?

Every bike frame can be measured easily by calculating the distance of two important points: first one is the center of the bottom bracket and the second is the top of the seat tube. Anytime, you may search on the Internet the bike size chart by height women and men to know exactly the parameters.

Why is it important to know what size of bike do I need for my height? Purchasing the rightly sized bike not only affects your comfort of riding, but more importantly the riding safety. If you ride the wrong size, you could get hurt if you have an extreme situation. Therefore, you should clearly know what size bike do I need inches.

How Do I Know What Size of Bike I Need

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A long time ago, the distance from the axis of the carriage to the end of the seat tube was taken as the standard measurement of frame size. For a while, this frame value has been used, as the frame geometry was unchanged: the classic construction of a double triangle and straight tubes.That time no one thought of what size bike do I need, as the parameters remained unchanged. With the new technologies it became possible to produce bent tubes, therefore the place of joining the top and seat tubes became more variable. So frame size in inches has become less relevant to the height of the cyclist for whom the frame is made, so the vast majority of manufacturers have switched to an alphabetical designation of frame height. However, there is still confusion because some manufacturers are still using outdated designations. But knowing how to choose the right men’s bicycle size, you will easily handle any type of manufacturers`measurements.

What Should You Know before Choosing a Size of Bikes for Adults

  • Type of riding. You may have noticed that there are always different bike measurements, so you can buy one size or the other if you are the same height. So, the choice here is more influenced not only by the height of the cyclist, but the riding style as well. For active or even extreme types of riding it is better to choose a bit smaller size, as the bike will be more secure and maneuverable. For quiet city rides around, you can choose a slightly larger frame size.
  • Body type and weight: another factor that should be considered when thinking about what size bike do I need? If you have a thin or normal build, you can buy a larger bike frame. If you’re large and heavy, it is more appropriate to choose a smaller size, as for comfortable fit.
  • Extra adjustments: if your frame feels a little out of size or you’re special in terms of body configuration, you can always change your riding position. To do so, you need to adjust the handlebar stem inclination and the height of the saddle.

What Size Bike Do I Need for My Child?

The process of selecting a bike size for my child is quite a complicated task. Children grow up quickly and this is the main thing that should be considered. Nowadays, the manufacturers of children’s bicycles base their sizes mainly on age and height of children. And the fact is that in many articles and forums there is quite contradictory advice on the choice and no right answer to the question of how to choose the right size bicycle for a child. We offer you a detailed and accurate bike size chart by height kids to help you choose the right.

How to Determine Kids Bike Sizes?

How to Determine Kids Bike Sizes

The data presented in the table is directly obtained from the producers of children’s bicycles, so they most accurately show how to determine kids bike sizes. In the case that the growth rate of the child differs slightly, you can use a reference point on the average figures.

Wondering about how to choose the right size bicycle for a toddler, we do not recommend you buying smaller sizes. Although on a smaller bicycle, the child will learn to ride faster if this is his first bike. In the case of the active growth of your child, you can safely take a larger size of the bike. It is necessary to check if the bike has the saddle and handlebar stem, which are easily adjustable. Ensuring every single point will help you to avoid wasting money.

How Do I Choose a Bike Frame Size Based on My Height?

bike size chart by height kids

The bike size chart by height inches is needed to select a frame size by your exact height. The height is usually marked on the seat tube at the top, under the saddle.

Bike Size Chart by Height

Bike Size Chart by Height

From the chart you may see, if I’m 5’1″ what size bike do i need is the Medium. What size of bike do I need if I am 5’9? The answer is the bike with a frame size of 20 inches, which is the L size. What size of bike do I need, I’m 5’2″? Your perfect size is 18 (M).

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