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What is post-ride recovery and how to deal with it?

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People have been trying for a long time to find an answer to the question of which method is the most effective and how to speed up cycling recovery to avoid injuries and fatigue in general. During this time, many experiments and studies have been carried out, but opinions are different.

Professional cyclists believe recovery after a bike ride is an important part of the training process, but for some reason many people just ignore it. Therefore, their results deteriorate, or they start training harder and then the results become even worse than they were before. The fact is that after training the muscles do not work at the same rhythm as they should. The reason for this is not only fatigue but also the central nervous system and endings. They also get tired and cannot control the work of the musculoskeletal system.

As a result, you cannot “feel” your legs and arms and cannot fully manage them. And in such a condition, it is very easy to accidentally get an injury not connected to sports. Did you know that the term “overtraining” exists? This phenomenon concerns not only professional athletes but also amateurs who constantly train without a break.

cycling post workout recovery

According to recent research, the best way to deal with cycling muscle recovery is to wear special compression clothes. But it is very important to put them on after the workout, not during. Based on research results, compression clothes: reduce heart rate during exercising, decrease pain in muscles, increases endurance.

Another solution of cycling recovery tips is a contrast shower. It helps to reduce inflammation while increasing blood circulation. You can also do a gentle massage to improve blood circulation in the muscles. Along with the blood, nutrients will also reach the damaged areas, which will also speed up “healing”. The massage will relax your body and you will no longer feel any discomfort. Self-massage and lying on massage mats can be made, but it is best, of course, to visit a professional massage therapist. You will be surprised, but movements and light physical activities help to overcome pain.

The muscles are warmed up from the load, and then everything works the same way as during a massage. Swimming also helps a lot and gives a soft load on all muscle groups. You can walk or run- depending on your condition, or you can do a light warm-up. The simplest advice is to get more rest. The body recovers much faster if it has the energy for it, and it is provided by food and sleep.

Eat more protein: lean meats, dairy products, and eggs. Protein is the main building block for the production of new muscle cells. Research shows that protein speeds up bike recovery and reduces the severity of muscle soreness.

What’s more, it has been shown that the consumption of carbohydrates and proteins in a ratio of 4:1 to 40% increases the endurance of athletes in competitions. There is a list of cycling recovery food that have a direct effect on muscle soreness:

  1. Cherry juice has anti-inflammatory properties and is very beneficial. It is also said that cherry juice can be replaced with a pill with vitamins and antioxidants in it.
  2. Beet juice can boost your stamina due to its high nitrate levels.
  3. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the oxygen content in the blood.
  4. Milk-based products provide the right carbohydrate to protein ratio. You can also make some really good protein shakes from them.
  5. Sour fruits have an anti-inflammatory effect on damaged muscles.

If you stopped feeling muscle pain, this does not mean you have got rid of it. It is very important to remember that taking pills will simply mask the discomfort, but will not speed up the recovery itself. If the pain is so strong you cannot sleep at night, take the drug before bedtime to rest better. But do not overuse it, it can be bad for the stomach. Knowing the cause of muscle pain syndrome, you can prevent it. Just avoid unnecessary loads.

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