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What is Bicycle Electronic Shifting?

bicycle wireless electronic shifting

The bicycle, being a rather familiar invention, has become a symbol of a simple and reliable mechanism. That’s why some users are skeptical of complex gadgets that look like excesses.

Today we will try to answer as much as possible all the questions related to the electronic gear shifter bike system. Maybe this article will give you answers to questions that you have not even asked yourself yet and will encourage you to buy electronics or, as sometimes happens, convince you that a mechanical gearbox is the best choice.

The basic idea behind the bike electric shifter was to try to protect the gear shift from dirt, debris, dust, mechanical damage, and metal corrosion. Even though there is already a planetary hub, but it is arranged in such a way that the entire weight distribution of the bike is strongly drawn to the rear wheel of the bike.

In the case of bicycle electronic shifting, however, the center of gravity is exactly in the center of the bike, allowing for improved maneuverability and appearance.

The main disadvantage of such an attribute on a bicycle is its high price and the added extra weight of the device. An electronic gear shifter bicycle weighs about a kilogram, increasing the weight of your iron friend.

Pros and Cons of Bicycle Electronic Shifting System

what is bicycle electronic shifting

Bicycle wireless electronic shifting requires a frame built just for them, which has not yet been invented. The existing electric bike gears don’t look right, with the frame itself looking less stable. But all is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. the electric derailleur bicycle was not invented out of idleness and they are not useless at all.

Among the clear and undeniable pluses are:

  • More safety. The most reliable system that wears much less than a mechanical one.
  • Only the open parts of the transmission need to be serviced. Anything that closes into the bike’s electric derailleur can be left unopened and unmaintained for years. The manufacturer itself states that you will only need to add oil to it once a year.
  • Parts need to be replaced much less frequently.
  • Properly distributed weight.
  • It’s easy to adjust for exclusive chain replacements – belts, ropes, and other eye-catching items.
  • There’s sure to be no dangling off the chain or its replacements.
  • Gear shifting is possible without pedaling, in all weather and chain contamination.
  • The shifting scale is intuitive and gears don’t repeat.
  • The weight of the rear wheel is maximally reduced and unnecessary equipment that could easily break is removed.
  • It is repairable.
  • You can always return a substandard product.

What is the price, is it worth it?

install electronic shifting on my bicycle

However, you should not forget about the significantly higher price compared to conventional bicycles. To ride on such an exclusive, you will have to lay out a decent amount. Besides, such devices have a worse efficiency, but this becomes noticeable only in a great sport. A person who took the bike for riding with friends or for an independent long crossing, will not even notice this difference, as it is up to 7%.

Although such devices appeared relatively recently, they have already found their buyer, entered a small niche market, and are being upgraded little by little. If the owner of such a machine is a fan of riding on big off-road or mountain slopes, a bike with an automatic gearshift will suit him perfectly. They look favorable when you need to shift speed in a hurry. Also, there’s no extra construction on the rear wheel here that could come off.

They are easy to combine with any kind of brakes, leaving the rider to decide on his own.

In this case, there is no large number of switches, knobs, and other unaesthetic loads on the steering wheel.

Such models are more expensive than their usual mechanical counterparts. However, with increasing demand for such a product and mass production of its price will go down, and the lack of need for constant maintenance bike contributes to increased sales. After all, riding on such a machine will be much more comfortable.

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