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What do you need to know before buying a bike?

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The decision to buy a bike must be supported not only by a desire but also by certain knowledge with which you can make a really good choice for yourself. So, you wanted to get a two-wheeled friend, typed in the search phrase “to buy a bike” or going to the first bike shop on your way. What’s the picture that opens up in front of you? A completely unclear number of different models, the difference in one or two details which affects the price.

And also the manufacturers are different. It’s good if you have a friend who rides a bike or if you were lucky enough to have a bike as a child which is more or less similar to a modern one. But if you have not had this experience and a friend obsessively offers to buy his used bike or advises definitely not suitable for you options, be patient and prepare to immerse yourself in this world at least a little deeper.

The times when the whole family and the whole country could ride the same kind of bike are long gone. We are on the threshold of an era of new technologies that change almost every day and each of them is created to make life a little easier for us. All that huge number of different types and models were invented specifically to facilitate the process of riding in certain conditions.

The main steps in buying a bike

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  • You need to determine the type of bike. Urban, highway, mountain, folding, maybe a foot bike? Imagine yourself riding a bike, hands holding the handlebars and feet pedaling in order to make it easier to navigate in all its diversity.
  • Choosing the right bike for your height is not an insignificant task. It will directly depend on the convenience, comfort, and benefits that your bicycle will bring you. So feel free to take a ruler/ roulette or what is at hand and measure your height without shoes, as well as the inner length of your leg.
  • Define a budget. This is the point that determines whether your bicycle will have hydraulic brakes or you will be able to use conventional brakes. Your budget determines the frame material and technology. The cooler is more expensive but do you need it? Do not underestimate the budget options, considering them unreliable and of poor quality. If you’re going to ride rarely, why should you overpay? You should also consider that bikes are seasonal goods and there are active sales at the end of the year where you can get a really good model for a little money.
  • Pay attention to the presence of the warranty when buying a bike because it is quite a complex mechanism in which it is difficult for an ordinary user to understand, and the cost of spare parts bites very strongly; sometimes. Manufacturers provide a separate warranty for the frame and equipment (switches, brakes, etc.). There are also parts that have natural wear and tear during driving (tires, chain, stars) and are not covered by the warranty, so pay special attention to them.
  • Take care of your bike accessories. Usually, you need to pay 20-30% of the cost of the bike for equipment and accessories. Do not save on protection, first of all, the head, and then the bike, so buy a helmet and a bike lock. Special clothing will not only show others that you belong to the elite caste of modern personalities, it is designed specifically to keep your body in the optimal temperature and comfort of riding.
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