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What Is a BMX Bike? Everything You Need to Know about This Type of Bike!

what does BMX stand for

Many of us don’t even realize that bicycles, on which teenagers perform unthinkable stunts, have their name, their manufacturing technology. That is why we decided to help everyone finally figure out what is a BMX bike, how it appeared, and what its varieties are. This is very interesting and informative information, especially for those who are looking for their perfect bike or want to do something extreme. Perhaps you would even be inspired by this article and start conquering a new sport? Let’s check it out!

What Does BMX Mean?

BMX acronym stands for biker moto cross. It stands on a separate step in the bike lineup. This is, without a doubt, an exclusive thing for the dangerous, breathtaking sport of extreme driving, which first appeared in the 70s of the twentieth century. Over the past decades, extreme sports have become more and more in demand. It is fond of not only young people but also quite successful people. They ride BMX bicycles both on unpaved tracks and tracks (dirt), and on asphalt sites, showing various tricks flat (or flatland), also invert ramps, bike trial tracks, and just down the street on the edges of railings, benches, parapets. The bicycles used for the dirt, vert, and the street are technically not very different from each other, and therefore these types of riding have been combined into one group called freestyle.

The History of What Is a BMX

what is a BMX

The time of birth is the 70s of the twentieth century in California, where motocross competitions were very popular. The creators were Californian boys who are fond of motorsports and actively repeat tricks on their bicycles.

But production road bikes were ill-equipped for this kind of trick. They began to remake them so that they are more consistent with the implementation of various complex tricks. Then BMX stands for the bikes that were specially designed for performing tricks that just couldn’t be done on ordinary bicycles. The hobby spread more and more, more and more complex tricks appeared, and improved. Companies appeared that started the production of BMX bikes. First BMX created Mongoose, Haro, Skyway, GT, and Hutch. Of course, the difference between the first models and modern bikes is huge. Their differences relate to both design and functionality.

BMX Bikes Definition Features

BMX acronym

BMX bikes are distinguished by only one high-speed gear and an absolute lack of suspension. But the rest of the construction details may have a different structure. The models for all disciplines of this sport are very similar. They have a very strong and lightweight frame. In inexpensive models, it is made of steel. Inexpensive ones are made of titanium or chromoly-molybdenum. The wheel size is 20 inches.

One gear, which is regulated by the number of teeth on the sprocket. To prevent the brake cables from getting tangled when turning the steering wheel more than 360 degrees, in some models the steering fork is equipped with a gyro. The handlebars are high and parallel to the fork. For greater strength, it can be multi-piece. The pegs with which the axles are fitted serve as a footrest. Pegs are used for performing tricks and sliding on various surfaces.

The frame is low and has straight top and bottom tubes. It looks like triangles with a common base. Molybdenum or chrome is added to the steel to reinforce the base of the bike. By pulling out the hot pipes, the load-carrying capacity is increased many times over. Thus, in case of a strong impact, the load must go to the mechanism, and not to the cyclist.

The axle has a metal tube to perform sliding tricks. The steering wheel must be connected to the left and right sides and can be rotated 360 degrees an infinite number of times. Elements on the edges of the handles are needed to enhance the grip of the hands with the apparatus. The most popular are the rudders of two and four tube parts.

The models for racing are slightly different. The difference is an ultra-light frame and a longer base than other BMX models. Racing bikes are exclusively original models. Converted bicycles can be used for all other disciplines. Of course, this doesn’t apply to high-level competitions. We think, explaining what does BMX stands for, you could learn a lot of interesting things about this unusual vehicle and practice tricks. We recommend that you watch how the BMX competitions were held because it is simply breathtaking. Better yet, watch it live at a skate park and try a ride or take a few lessons from the pros. And what does BMX mean to you?

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