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What are Fixie Bikes Good For

fixed gear benefits

Speed bike has a multi-stage transmission, which fundamentally distinguishes it from a classic cycle with single gear or fixie. Steep and long lifts are a big problem for a single-speed. Reduction gears on a multi-speed bike reduce speed but allow you to climb slides without additional power costs. High gears allow you to accelerate the bike on flat terrain, and it will be faster.

Speed bike is not necessary for trips around the city on flat roads and ridings in the parks and embankments. Single-speed bikes benefits are better for this because it is cheaper and does not require frequent maintenance.

Long journeys on highways, dirt roads, and off-road require more preparations. Here you will need a more resistant bike, which can ride in any conditions, save your energy, and make the trip more comfortable. It is hard to imagine a long tourist trip with the benefits of a fixed-gear bike, although nothing is impossible.

Fixie vs Geared bike

why ride a fixie

Single gear bikes (Fixed Gear and Single Speed) have their advantages over multi-speed bikes. Here are some of them:


The absence of rear and front switches, cables, and shifters are fixed gear bike advantages which impact the durability of the vehicle. When you fall, nothing breaks. When grass or small branches hit the transmission, the mechanism will just cut them. In such a case with a multi-speed system, its rollers will block, which leads to damage to the gear shifter mechanism.

High efficiency

In a bike with a large number of gears, the chain pulls the rear star only by two or three upper teeth. In this case, the chain does not transmit all torque to the drive wheel. It is because the chain is distorted. In a single-speed bike, the chain is not skewed, so the chain pulls both the upper and lower teeth. It is another reason why fixed gear is better.

Maintenance Costs

The main reason for the rapid wear and tear of the transmission on many high-speed bikes is the chain skewness and overshoot under load during riding and gear change. In this case, all elements of the transmission: the chain, front and rear sprockets are subject to increased load. Gearshift controls (Levers and shifters) also wear out and break down early. All of the above, which is common to speed bikes, greatly increases their maintenance costs compared to a single-speed bike.

Chain Guard

why fixed gear

One of the fixed-gear benefits is the ability to mount a chain guard. It prevents dirt, sand, or small stones from entering the chain.


On a single-gear bike, the chain is wider and runs without distortion, so it can be greased less frequently. Even without it, it will simply wear out less than a thin chain on a high-speed bike and make less noise.

The peculiarity of the wear on the sprockets of a single gear bike is that the teeth on the sprockets wear out on one side. After complete wear, they can be turned over and go for a second term.


Since a single gear bike has one driven sprocket, the connecting rods are closer to the axis of the bike. The effect of the so-called Q-factor, which can injure knee joints during prolonged pedaling, is reduced. A smaller distance between the connecting rods also increases the cyclist’s performance.

To choose the right speed model, you need to decide where and by which routes you plan to travel. For example, it is not necessary to take a professional mountain or highway bike to ride around the city with a large number of gears, a classic road model will suffice.

Functionality and cost of the bike are both factors that are closely related to each other. For trips in aggressive conditions and tourism, you do not need to save money on bicycles – so you will have to spend more on service and modifications. If the goals are modest, for example, to roll out on 50 km a couple of times a week, you can choose an inexpensive model – it will be economically justified.

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