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What Burns More Walking or Cycling? Reasons Why the Bike Is the Best Load!

what burns more calories walking or biking

As we know, a person needs about 150 minutes of physical activity to keep their body in good shape, or more if you want to lose weight, and both walking and cycling can do great. Then what burns more walking or cycling? What is the best choice for calorie loss for you? If you ever asked yourself “Does cycling burn more calories than walking?” this article will help you find the answer and also determine the benefits for each of all methods.

Benefits of Walking vs Biking for Weight Loss

does walking or biking burn more calories

Let’s start by looking at the question “does walking or biking burn more calories” on the positive side of walking. Here are some arguments for doing this:

  • There are almost no contraindications for health. Whereas there are several medical contraindications for cycling (diseases of the joints of the legs and spine, disruption of the vestibular apparatus, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, etc.).
  • Also, when walking, the risk of injury and overload is minimal. In the case of cycling, there are risks of various injuries.
  • Easily integrates into your current life. You can go to and from work, at lunchtime, to the store, etc. In principle, some also bike to work and other places, but still, the possibilities here are more limited.
  • It burns a lot of calories. In the question “is walking or cycling better for weight loss”, the answer is yes since more muscle groups are involved. The same hands would receive more stress. Also, when walking, micro-impacts occur when the foot touches the ground, which additionally helps break down fat cells.
  • Suitable for people with almost any completeness. The ability to flexibly adjust the duration and intensity of movement during walks to suit the individual characteristics of a person allows people with obesity (body mass index over 30) to start exercising without any preliminary preparation. Dealing with a bicycle is a difficult task for overweight people.
  • You don’t have to pay money to walk. To purchase a bicycle and special equipment (helmet, etc.), you would need a lot of them.
  • Walking is psychologically comfortable, but getting on a bike for an unprepared person is a serious stress.
  • Walking can be done year-round, while cycling is usually done from mid-spring to mid-autumn.

Benefits of Cycling vs Walking for Weight Loss

do you burn more calories walking or biking

Currently, moving on to the other side of the problem ”does walking or riding a bike burns more calories”, looking at the positives of riding.

  • The muscles of the body, legs, and more are used to a greater extent.
  • You can burn more calories. Answering the question “does biking burn more calories than walking”, then the bike can also have positive indicators, provided that the speed is high or the duration of the load is longer. To obtain the result of losing weight, you don’t need to spend as much time as it takes when walking.
  • Allows for a short time to tighten, especially such parts of the body that are especially sensitive for women, such as legs and what is slightly higher. When walking, however, visible changes typically don’t occur quickly.
  • The ability to get to various attractive places that are difficult to reach on foot or by car (driving along forest paths, fields, etc.).
  • Good cardio workout without stressing the joints. In addition to the fact that the bike perfectly pumps the heart muscle, it also gives a good load on the legs, back, and abs. The lower body is pumped more: the quadriceps ー the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, hamstrings, calf, and gluteal muscles. The muscles of the back and abdomen, deltoid, biceps, and triceps are also involved.
  • It is more useful for varicose veins, knee problems. Less weight is placed on your feet. “The lion’s share” of the weight “falls” on the handlebars and saddle. But the blood, when pedaling, accelerates the movement of the arteries and veins, and its stagnation in the bloodstream decreases.
  • The lungs expand. Regular pedaling increases lung capacity. Breathing becomes more measured and full, helping smokers clear the lungs of the traces of addiction.
  • Training of the organs of vision. The driving speed is higher than the walking speed, which forces the “riders” to peer faster into the surroundings of the track and to adequately react to its changes.

Which is Burns More Calories Walking or Biking?

biking vs walking calories

Let’s now take a look at what burns more calories walking or biking for a certain weight of a person. We give you the figures for energy consumption when walking fast, a speed of about 7.2 km/h, and cycling at a speed of 16 km/h.

  • with a weight of 50 kg ー an hour of walking 280 kcal, an hour of cycling 270 kcal;
  • with a weight of 55 kg ー walking 308 kcal, cycling 297 kcal;
  • with a weight of 60 kg ー walking 336 kcal, cycling 324 kcal;
  • weight of 65 kg ー walking 364 kcal, cycling 351 kcal;
  • by weight of 70 kg ー an hour of walking 392 kcal, cycling 378 kcal;
  • by weight of 75 kg ー an hour of walking 420 kcal, and cycling 405 kcal;
  • by weight of 80 kg ー 448 kcal by walking, and 432 kcal by cycling;
  • by weight of 85 kg ー 476 kcal by walking, and 459 kcal by cycling.

As you can see, in the competition between biking vs walking calories, walking wins with a small margin. In general, walking has enough benefits to be chosen as an exercise for weight loss.

In turn, we believe that riding a bike burns more calories than walking. This is because by cycling at this speed, you would be less tired, you can make your trip longer than planned, or increase your speed, which would also increase the number of calories burned.

Walking at a speed of 7 kilometers per hour maybe for someone (this pace is higher than usual for walking), so it is difficult to imagine if you burn more calories walking or biking because you would need much more time to spend the required amount of calories. Now you can see a clear difference between these types of weight loss and can decide for yourself that walking vs cycling for weight loss is better. Take a look at what you like best or just decide in favor of a bicycle, as we did. In addition, you can alternate between the two, which would make your walks even more interesting and varied. What do you choose for yourself calories burned by walking or biking?

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