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Variety of shock-absorbing forks. Which one’s better?

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Shock-absorbing forks on mountain bikes make the bike more manageable and more comfortable to ride. We will introduce you to the different types of shock-absorbing forks, their features, and advantages.

Advantages of shock-absorbing forks

The main advantages of shock-absorbing forks are that the bike is easier to ride and easier to control while riding, and the ride becomes more comfortable. The wheel adheres to the road better, smoother and gentler on the road. The rider feels less tired even after riding a long distance, as the shock and vibration load on the rider’s hands is reduced many times during riding.

Shock-absorbing forks have a fairly simple design – a smaller diameter pipe enters a larger diameter pipe, with a shock absorber inside.

What kinds of shock-absorbing forks are there?

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Soft forks

The operation and quality of the fork depend on what exactly is the shock absorber. Thus the shock absorber in soft forks can be a spring, oil or air, or a combination. The price for such a fork will largely depend on its filling.

Rigid forks

This type of fork is simpler than soft forks but still has its advantages. It’s lighter, the bike accelerates faster and the oil doesn’t freeze in winter, so you don’t have to worry about using it during the cold season.

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