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VanMoof Electrified S Review: What Is Important to Know before Buying a Bike?

vanmoof s3 review

The new VanMoof is a very handsome bike, but we were still surprised by how much it became a talking point. But almost every VanMoof electric bike review only covers its basic electric capabilities, but what about the others? It has a lot of interesting things that you should know about. As you understand, now you are waiting for a full VanMoof S series review with an emphasis on its other features too. So let’s get started!

VanMoof S3 Review Specification

Let’s start our VanMoof X3 review, of course, with the most important thing. Let’s describe the main characteristics of the bike. VanMoof is a Dutch company behind a popular line of e-bikes, with two models in the current line. I tested the S3, which is designed for athletes 5″ to 8″ and up. Here are its main characteristics:

  1. An excellent LG 504Wh battery, which isn’t removable (but in which case it can be replaced at a service center).
  2. You can reach speeds of approximately 37-93 miles, but this would all depend on the type of terrain, weather conditions, and your level of training.
  3. The engine is located on the front wheel and has a power of 250-350 W, taking into account the presence of torque of 59 Nm.
  4. The 36V4A charger can fully charge for 4 hours, which is enough for a long time. If the bike is empty, but you want to ride, charge it to half in 2 hours, and feel free to hit the road.
  5. The weight is only 41.9 pounds, which is an incredible amount among all other electric bikes.
  6. Aluminum yet durable frames have a special and beautiful matte finish with a protective layer.
  7. The wheels are 28″ with Schwalbe Big Ben tires.
  8. Immediately installed hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear of the bike for greater safety and comfort for the cyclist.
  9. Security features include the presence of an intelligent lock, the ability to recognize the true owner via Bluetooth with the possibility of automatic unlocking, the presence of a bicycle tracking function via GSM and Bluetooth.
  10. You can download the app for iOS and Android to customize this bike for yourself, as well as learn about your achievements and other riding features.

The base bike doesn’t have a rack, but you can add front and rear racks as needed. For city use, the front rack is probably best: it holds 22 pounds and can be used with or without a basket.

For versatile use, we would add a rear rack for saddlebags, for example for trips out of town. Perhaps, for trips in the city, the rear trunk can also be suitable.

VanMoof Bike Size Review

vanmoof x3 review

The S3 is a full-size bike with 28″ wheels that should fit riders between 5″ to 8″, as we said a little earlier. It complements the X3 VanMoof, a more compact design with 24-inch wheels that can accommodate riders in a smaller range. The S3 is more stable and the X3 is more maneuverable, but the wheel and frame dimensions are the same for the bike of these model variants.

The S3 and X3 cost 2,000 euros and are equipped with automatic four-speed transmission and hydraulic brakes. Both models are much cheaper than the S2 and X2. These were bikes with automatic two-speed shifting and cable brakes for almost 3,500 euros. Although these models are much cheaper, nothing prevents them from showing even better results, and they are better than previous models. The frame design hasn’t changed, although the paint is now matte, and scratches are leading the price process. Let’s go back to the fact that production is moving to a new factory where bikes are produced more efficiently. So if you buy this bike now, or a little later, you can get a new batch.

VanMoof Review of Safety & Maintenance

Vanmoof takes potential theft risks seriously. First, the anti-theft bolts secure the wheels, which reduces the risk of them disappearing. The rear hub has a kick stop, a kind of button that you can press on your foot that locks the wheel when the anti-theft mode is activated. Any manipulation that the onboard computer considers unusual causes a glowing skull to appear on the display, accompanied by flashing headlights and a very strong alarm.

The emitted sound, which is rather soft in the first seconds, becomes sharp if it isn’t quickly disarmed. The operation is carried out from the application installed on the owner’s smartphone. Please note that Bluetooth proximity mode can prevent the alarm from being triggered if the owner is close to the bike (the distance can be adjusted in the app).

If the smartphone cannot be used (the battery is dead or even forgotten at home), of course, you can turn off the monitoring mode using a code. It consists of a sequence of three digits and is dialed by pressing the doorbell button several times in a row.

If the S3 does get stolen, there are a few options left. Thanks to the built-in GSM module, it is possible to completely block the onboard computer from the application, making it unusable. Linked with the GPS S3, it would send its position information continuously to make it easier to locate. To be even more efficient, Vanmoof offers insurance for peace of mind: when a bike is reported stolen, the manufacturer’s bike hunters take action to find it. If this isn’t done within two weeks, the bike would be replaced. The validity of this option is 36 months and the cost of this option is 290 euros upon purchase.

VanMoof Electrified S3 Review Conclusions

vanmoof review

Perhaps many wouldn’t want an electric bike to be their only bike. People love to ride bikes, especially if it’s easy because it’s even more fun. We also like simplicity: just get on the bike and go, instead of thinking about recharging it.

However, we have to say that it’s a fantastic way to get around the city when you want to get somewhere fast without breaking a sweat, like when you’re driving to the gym for a workout. If everyone had enough space in their apartment or house for a full-size bike, surely some would be extremely tempted to have this as a second bike. But if you choose it as the only bike in your collection, feel free to do so. After reviewing our detailed VanMoof bicycle review, you would surely be able to decide for yourself regarding the purchase of this vehicle. We recommend that you, first, pay attention to your needs and important qualities for you on a bike. You can then compare your thoughts in this VanMoof electric review and draw your conclusions. We are sure that most of you would have the same positive response as we do. What do you think about this?

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