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UK Schools Introduce Stationary Cycling To Get Pupils Interested In Sports

Stationary Cycling for schoolkids

Only the thirtieth of all UK schools’ pupils use a bicycle as their primary means of transport. Boys from secondary schools represent the majority of teen cyclists.

UK schools look for brand-new ways of how to get pupils interested in sports. Since cycling is an unpopular mode of transportation, UK schools started to introduce static cycling machines.

Competition is the best way to get children interested in something. Static cycling could become a part of the curriculum if pupils will show a great interest in it.

Static cycling has one more mission. UK’s developed infrastructure allows children to safely use bicycles to get to school and back home. Static cycling schoolwork is intended to accustom the kids to cycle regularly to make them use bicycles as an alternative or the main means of transportation and commute.

Stationary cycling at school

But stationary cycling has not yet become a widespread practice. School sports activities that require large areas and big amounts of expensive sports equipment often do not receive proper funding or are introduced very slowly.

Stationary cycling carries a lot of health and social benefits for children. Healthy competitive spirit, moderate physical loads, full safety, and learning experience which can be implemented in real life make static cycling a strongly advisable sports discipline.

Stationary cycling is necessary to break imaginary barriers that impede children from freely enjoying outdoor daily cycling. Any activity can become a habit with time so stationary cycling can be an important intermediate step towards the increase of sports popularity.

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