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How Many Types of Bikes Are There? The Collection of All Different Kinds of Bicycle

The Collection of All Different Kinds of Bicycle

A Full Guide through All Kinds of Bikes

One of the most useful, environmentally friendly, and economical means of transportation is the bicycle. The main types of bikes are distinguished according to age, gender, preferences of the person, purpose, or conditions of the ride. Sooner or later every cycling enthusiast has a moment when he wants to buy a new bike. There is the main problem: what bicycle to choose from the variety presented in the store.

The first thing you need to understand is what you need a bike for and how much you’re going to ride it. You may want to participate in road races, go on bike hikes, do tricks, fly at high speed from the mountain, or just once a week go to the store to get bread. Naturally, you will need to choose the appropriate type of bike. So, let’s look at all types of bicycles that you can find in the store.

Types of Bicycles by Number of Wheels



Many people know about the existence of the bicycle with one wheel, and not only cyclists. The monocycle became famous in the circus arena – acrobats, jugglers, and clowns skillfully ride around and perform all sorts of tricks on these bicycles. The monocycle even has an unofficial name “circus bike”. However, in recent years, it ceased to “belong” only to circus performers and rolled out into the masses on the streets. The number of happy owners of unicycles is steadily growing, and if we consider its use in sports, shortly, this unpretentious design may be a good competition to two-wheeled analogs.

The monocycle has the simplest design: wheel, pedals, the drive carriage, the “frame” – the adjustable strut, and a seat.

This is a bicycle with one wheel over which a person sits. Riding it involves constant pedaling and precise balancing. Surprisingly, even this unusual type can be classified into several types: stunt unicycles, mountain bikes, and road bikes.



The life of a modern person is difficult to imagine without sports and bicycles. And the latter are presented in stores in such a variety that you can pick up for every taste and purse.

However, for this, it is important to know what a bicycle is? Bicycle – wheeled vehicle, driven by human muscle power through the foot pedals or (very rarely) through hand levers. Such means of transportation are one of the most common types of bike among most people.



These kinds of bikes have a low frame, which makes it much easier for the rider to sit. In addition, tricycles are much more stable than their counterparts on two wheels. On a three-wheeled bike, you can ride slowly, there will be no problems with balance. In the case of a stop, you can comfortably put your feet on the ground, and upright landing on this bike will significantly reduce the load on the back, shoulder girdle, arms, and buttocks. They are convenient for people with a lot of weight and pensioners. The bikes are equipped with a saddle that is adjustable to the individual and a comfortable seat. They have a large carrying capacity and stable and sturdy construction, equipped with a platform for cargo and a roomy front basket. On a tricycle, you will feel comfortable regardless of the season.



Quadracycles, all-terrain vehicles are special vehicles designed for off-road riding. Due to its small size and high power, ATV can pass where even a cross-country vehicle will not pass. Impassable off-road obstacles such as fallen trees, swamps, and plowed fields are commonplace for the ATV.

There are also quad bikes – not only a means to teach children to ride but also a full-fledged vehicle for adults. He appeared almost immediately after the invention of the bicycle. The design is almost identical to that of the two-wheeled bicycle.

Different Kinds of Bicycle: Differences by Purpose

Despite the diversity of different kinds of bikes today, there are four basic types of cycle: mountain bikes or off-road bikes, sportbikes, and city bikes. There are also special bikes (tricycles, children’s bikes, courier bikes, and others). All other bikes are “hybrid” combinations of these four types. So, how many types of bikes are there?

Off-Road Bikes

What different kinds of bikes are there? There are mountain bikes, double-paddle bikes, and fat bikes.

Mountain Bike

Off-Road Bikes  Mountain Bike

You can see its other names: nainer, MTB, sikster, ATB, hardtail. The purpose of this type can be divided into bicycles for freeride, downhill, street, dirt, cross-country. This is the most popular and common type of bike. It is designed for off-road riding. But today’s cyclists use mountain bikes for riding everywhere from dirt to a perfectly flat highway.

Outwardly it is easy to identify such a bike. It is characterized by a massive solid frame, wheels with wide tires and chiseled tread, shock-absorbing fork, a large number of gears, rim, or disc brakes. For specific tasks the mountain bike is completed in different ways, it all depends on whether you want to ride on country roads or to participate in competitions, overcoming difficult obstacles. Prices for bikes start at $200 and can reach several thousand.

Two-paddle Bike

Two-paddle Bike

This is essentially the same as a mountain bike, but a bit different bike type. These bikes have shock absorption on both the front and rear wheels. Rear shock absorption is much more complex than front. Each manufacturer tends to create a unique design of the rear suspension. Their cost starts at 1,000 dollars.

Conventionally, they can be divided into two types:

-four-lever suspensions;

-single-lever suspensions.



A fat bike is a bicycle with thick tires. In terms of frame geometry and fit, it is similar to a mountain bike. Characterized by high cross-country ability. Able to easily overcome such difficult surfaces such as loose sand, snow, mud. Tires width is 3.5-5 inches, and the pressure in them is kept at 0.2-2 atmosphere. Fat bikes are great not only as recreational bikes but also for backcountry touring.


What are the different types of bikes? Sportbikes are also divided into subspecies, namely road bike, cyclocross bike, triathlon and freestyle bike, track bike.

Road Bikes

Sportbikes  Road Bikes

There are other names for road bikes: highway bikes or racing bikes. This bike belongs to the category of bicycles designed for road cycling. Road bikes are characterized by:


-twisted handlebars;

-narrow tires.

All this provides an aerodynamic fit, so a long ride at a high average speed is not a problem. But the road surface must be very good.

On this bike, you can not hang fenders and a trunk, but it is worth it to ride in the breeze for a couple of hundred miles. This kind of bicycle cost starts at $700.

Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes

Synonyms: bicycle-cross, cyclocrosser. Externally similar to a road racer, but there are differences. This type of bike is adapted for fast off-road riding. It is distinguished by a stronger frame and a slightly modified landing, the tires are chiseled, the brakes are cantilever or disc (more common). Although this different type of bike is designed for cyclocross off-road racing, this does not prevent bicycle enthusiasts from using it as a universal bike for riding everywhere. Fenders or a rack can be installed. A cyclocross chip is that you often have to carry the bike on your shoulder during races, so they are made as light as possible. The price tag starts at $1,000.

Trials and Freestyle Bikes

Trials and Freestyle Bikes

This is where we put the BMX and triathlon bikes. It is easy to recognize the trials, they have long, low and light frames, no saddle, a long stem, and a wide handlebar. The rear tire is often thicker than the front. All of this makes for great balance on the rear wheel and difficult sporting tricks. BMX-type bikes also have a low frame. The wheels are 20 inches. Special tubes (pegs) are attached to the axle. On BMX, you can rotate the handlebars as much as you like and the cables are not tangled. This chip is usually used in tricks. Prices start at $200, but it is better to choose a more expensive model.

Track Bicycle

Track Bicycle
Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com – 26/02/2020 – 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships presented by Tissot – Das Velodrom, Berlin, Germany – Ed Clancy, Ethan Hayter, Charlie Tanfield and Oliver Wood of Great Britain in the Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying.

It is a special kind of bicycle designed for racing on the track. It has no transmission and no brakes. The wheel is connected to the pedals, so there is no freewheel. As the pedals spin, so does the wheel. The handlebar ram is to achieve a sporty fit. This is the lightest of all types of bikes, but prices for professional track bikes start at several thousand dollars.

City Bikes

City Bikes

As it was already written, every type of bicycle has its different types of bike. City bikes are mostly divided into city bikes themselves, touring bikes, hybrid bikes, and folding bikes.


The classification of city bikes is quite extensive. In short, they are bikes for commuting to work and walking in the park, city bike features:

  • it is heavy;
  • comfortable;
  • front and rear fenders;
  • have a trunk or basket;
  • footrest;
  • rigid fork;
  • wide saddle;
  • single speed or planetary hub;
  • chain guard;
  • upright or nearly upright riding position.

In a word, this different kind of bike is optimal for short trips around the city in any weather and any clothes. City bikes are characterized by unpretentiousness in service. This type is very common in many European countries as the main vehicle. Prices start at $200.

Hybrid Bicycle

Citybike  Hybrid Bicycle

Types of bicycles are so rich in their variety that it was necessary to create separate different types of bikes, which took over the properties of the mountain bike, road bike, and city bike. Technically, it is a simplified mountain bike, more adapted to riding on asphalt.

Lighter and taller frames, short-travel forks, discs, or V-brakes. Wheels 28 inches, moderately aggressive tread, to keep stability on the ground and good to roll on asphalt. Many add their bicycle fenders, racks, horns, and other accessories. Who is suitable for such a bike? Those who are looking for versatility. Prices start at $300.

Touring Bicycle

Touring Bicycle

These types of bicycles are ideal for touring on asphalt roads. Externally similar to the highway type due to the ram handlebars. However, the touring has a number of differences:

  • the frame material is steel, aluminum, chrome, or titanium;
  • powerful lighting;
  • sturdy and durable wheels;
  • good dirt protection;
  • rigid steel fork;
  • a luggage carrier (front and rear) designed for heavyweight people;
  • the powertrain for offloading.

Since this type of bike is designed to cover long distances with luggage, its reliability is more important than weight. Not many manufacturers make touring bikes, so prices are high, starting at $1,000 and up.

Folding Bike

Folding Bike
Young woman preparing her folding bicycle outdoors

A great option for getting around town. Due to the small wheels, the bike is easy to fold, and you can take it with you to the office. Speed, comfort, and handling are kept at an average level because of the compactness. The distance it may overcome is not long, but if your goal is not dozens of miles per approach, it is an excellent choice. Prices start at $300 and up.

These were the main types of bicycles, but you can also find children’s bicycles, women’s bicycles, cargo bicycles and trailers, electric bicycles, choppers and cruisers, tandem bicycles.

This concludes our selection of bike types, we hope that this material was useful to you!

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