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Types of bicycles. Which is right for you?

bicycle riding

A bike has many different types and modifications like any object in today’s world. It is made specifically for you to use the maximum of your efforts and enjoy riding on terrain of a certain type. Everything seems to be simple but in fact, a novice person can easily get confused and choose absolutely not what he needs. This article will help you to understand and decide what you need.

A mountain bike

A mountain bike is designed for riding in mountainous terrain, as well as places with a rolling dirt path on rough terrain. One of the most versatile types of bikes in our latitudes. The main components of this type of bicycle are:

  • Shock absorbers at the front or at the rear in more advanced models;
  • A wide range of gears (up to 30);
  • Powerful brakes (rim or disc);
  • Straight or slightly bent handlebars;
  • Wide rubber with spikes (tread).

Depending on the purpose and equipment mountain bikes are divided into several subcategories.



Hardtails – with front shock absorber and rigid frame. They have maximum distribution due to affordable price, the relative simplicity of construction, good maintainability, and maximum efficiency when riding in special conditions. Can be used both by beginners for daily walks and by professional riders to participate in competitions.

Double suspension

double suspension bike

Double suspension – with two shock absorbers, both wheels have a stroke to soften the impact. This type of bike is used for more extreme disciplines and requires some experience. These bikes behave great on uneven ground, dominated by roots, rocks, hillocks, and other protruding parts which are damped by the two shock absorbers. The double suspension is preferred by people who like active and aggressive riding with jumping and overcoming high-speed areas on off-road. They have a much more complex frame design and are often staffed with equipment above average.

The mountain bike type can be safely attributed to such subspecies as:

  • Cross country, x-country, mtb – mountain bikes for races;
  • Marathon – bikes with a suspension stroke 90-100mm and two shock-absorbers;
  • Trail – two suspension brackets with a suspension stroke 110-120mm;
  • AM (all-mountain) – with a suspension stroke 130-140mm;
  • Enduro – 140-150mm;
  • Freeride – 160-180mm;
  • Downhill – 170-200mm;
  • Fat bike – 4-5″ mountain bikes with thick tires for riding on mud, sand, and snow.

Highway – a kind of bicycle aimed at riding only on a good smooth surface. They are used for racing, training, and long walks by amateur cyclists.

Features of highway bikes:

  • The complete absence of shock absorbers;
  • Maximum lightweight frame and components design;
  • Thin and smooth tires with high pressure inside;
  • Comfortable steering wheel with many grips.

Highway bike

highway bike

Highway bikes are also divided into several types:

  • Highway – only for riding, training, and racing on asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • Cyclocross – a mixture of highway and mountain bikes for speeding on moderate off-road terrain. They use tires with a tread on the sides, as well as equipment that includes elements of both mountain and highway bikes.
  • Chopping bikes – designed exclusively for sprint racing and overcoming certain sections of the track at maximum speed. They have better aerodynamics, handling, and a special fit.

City bike

City bike

City bike – everything is logical and clear here. Bicycles for the city are characterized by a simple design, maximum ease of operation, and a comfortable fit. They have all the necessary accessories for protection against dirt, wings for the transport of additional things, the trunk or basket for easy storage, a footboard, etc.

Features of city bikes:

  • Comfortable curved steering wheel;
  • Often no cushioning;
  • Availability of additional accessories like boot, fenders, footstep, basket, lighting, etc;
  • Comfortable straight fit; smooth tires with small tread;



BMX – a type of bike designed for more tricks than riding. They are used by young people within city locations with the presence of a variety of structures such as stairs, railings, concrete structures, etc.. Often equipped with 20″ wheels, one speed, but the brakes may not be present at all. Varieties of steel like high-alloy steel, chromium alloy (Cro-Mo) are often used as materials for this type of bicycle. You will not find a suspension fork or disc brakes but the construction is as strong as possible.

Street, Dirt

Street bike

Street, Dirt – also used more for tricks but with much higher speed, height, and load. It is very similar and often fully matches the equipment with mountain bikes. The frames are made of steel, aluminum, and even carbon.

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