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Types and Specificities of Cycle Tracks

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Cycle tracks are something new for most cities and are rarely present in dense urban areas such as housing developments and megalopolises. Since cycling increases its popularity and the number of cyclists grows up rapidly, the existing problem of mixed and unregulated road movement is gaining momentum.

Cycle tracks are varied. Some of them provide cyclists with full isolation from other road movement participants, some of them make cyclists full-fledged participants of such movements.

There are several types of cycle tracks. Although they’re relatively new for most of the infrastructure of existing cities, they became an integral part of the most developed and well-engineered cities in the world.

Isolated Cycle Tracks

Those are the best for cyclists. Such cycle tracks have made cyclists an independent and rightful part of global infrastructure because only cyclists can use and exploit cycle tracks like these.

A cyclist has its own safe place where he can accelerate and ride safely, enjoying his way to work and back home. Isolated cycle tracks cannot be placed elsewhere because they require a lot of free space and their establishing affects road and pedestrian movement.

Sharrow lanes

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Cordoned off part of the roadway, assigned for cyclists is sharrow lane. Cyclists ride along with cars and other road movement participants. This type of cycle track is the most widespread due to its handiness and ease of implementation.

Cycling capitals such as Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway are characterized by a big number of such cycling tracks. Those tracks could be dangerous because of close contact between cyclists and motor vehicles.

Combined Cycle Track

This type of cycle track implies the simultaneous movement of cyclists and pedestrians. They are often located in parks, recreation zones, and on wide sidewalks.

Cycle tracks are aimed at the creation of safe zones both for car drivers and cyclists with the help of relatively new elements of city infrastructure – cycle tracks.

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