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Types and Specificities of Bicycle Frames

Specificities of Bicycle Frames

Frame is the biggest and most important bicycle part. Only frame defines a bicycle’s type and affects the most its durability and performance.

There’re many types of bicycle frames. You necessarily need to know how to navigate among them if you decide to buy a new bike or replace an old frame with a new one.

Seven frame types are mass-produced

different bicycle frames
  • Steel frames
  • Steel frame is the cheapest and the heaviest option. They are set on low-cost, cruiser or city bikes which are not designed for large workloads and pressures. Still, steel frames have been used for decades. Also, the best vintage and retro bikes are equipped with steel frames which don’t affect badly their performance and capacities.

  • High alloyed steel frames
  • This material includes chromium and cobalt admixtures. Such frames are the best option in the terms of value for money. They aren’t very light but they have enough durability to serve their purpose.

  • Chrome molybdenum frames
  • Such frames are highly springy which makes them ideal for mountain and downhill bikes. These bikes are used for extreme and aggressive cross-country riding. Chrome molybdenum frames are very rare nowadays due to the market’s abundance with aluminum alloys.

    bike with aluminium frame
  • Aluminum frames
  • Aluminum frames are very light compared with previous variants. They’re flexible and are characterized by fat and voluminous forms. Aluminum frames couldn’t be called minimalistic and they are used for sports bikes equipment. Aluminum frames can be cracked unexpectedly unlike other frames causing dangerous situations during the ride.

  • Titanium alloy frames
  • Titanium alloy frames are extremely rare. They’re heavy but durable and can stand enormous pressure and shock. They break unexpectedly just as aluminum frames do.

    carbon frame
  • Carbon and composite frames
  • These high-class and expensive frames are made of fiberglass, carbon and kevlar fibers which are alloyed under enormous temperatures around one thousand eight hundred degrees Celsius. Carbon and composite frames are incredibly light and durable but they can’t be repaired in the case of breakage. Such frames are the best option for professional sportsmen and are used in road bikes’ production.

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