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Tour de France Champion Sells His Winning Bike to Raise Funds to Fight COVID-19

fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador sells his winning bike in order to help the Spanish Red Cross to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. He announced his decision in his Instagram post saying that he wants to do an effort in order to help society to cope with the current crisis.

His original Giro-Tour 2011 bike is very special for him although Alberto had lost some positions in the 2011 Tour and was banned for doping.

Alberto is now retired and this move could be the right decision because it is really a great time to sell such a unique bike in order to raise some extra funds.

Contador had shown his favorite bike in his Instagram video along with his stunning bike collection. Colors of three of the most massive and important cycling events of Europe are combined in the unique painting on the frame of Contador’s Giro-Tour 2011 bike. Tour de France, Giro Tour, and The Vuelta of Spain colors are united on this bike.

Alberto isn’t the only one cyclist who decided to raise funds in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Several worldwide famous cyclists and many other sportsmen have joined the fight.

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