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Tour De France 2020: Postponed

Tour De France 2020

Tour de France was postponed by two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. This decision was made in order to prevent the spreading of disease and keep the quarantine regime.

France was seriously affected by the Coronavirus pandemic with more than one hundred thirty thousand people infected. But the Tour de France postponement had been met with controversy.

The public understands that such a massive event with millions of spectators and hundreds of participants who will ride through all countries can cause a new pandemic boom. But Tour de France became a tradition in France and cycling. This competition has a hundred-years-old history and was held annually featuring cycling teams from all over the world.

Significant cycling events such as Deutschland Tour, Tour of the Alps, and many others were canceled this year. There’s no certainty for holding the Tour de France 2020 this year although it had been postponed.

Coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty across society and there’re a lot of doubts about the tour’s holding

France’s health system is unable to cope with the current crisis and the situation may get worse. Some patients had been sent abroad to the hospitals which are able to take care of them.

Also, there will be no such thing as a «Ghost Tour». Tour de France is the biggest cycling event which attracts a lot of sponsors who want their brands to be seen. Such companies as well as municipalities financing the tour in order to demonstrate their brands to the spectators. Tour de France 2020 will feature approximately twelve million spectators so the «Ghost Tour» will be no option for the sponsors and city administrations.

Tour de France organizers are constantly contacting the sponsors, government, and public authorities in order to shed light on the course of events. The start of Tour de France 2020 is rescheduled to the end of this summer.

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