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Top Five Beverages for Cyclists

drinking while cycling

Prolonged cycling requires vast amounts of liquid as well as any other sport. Water allows you to restore your water balance but here’re top five beverages which will help you increase your cycling performance and cut your recovery time after the race.



We all have heard about the negative impact which coffee has but it also brings a lot of positive effects to your overall condition during cycling. It increases your endurance and stamina as well as boosts your cardio-vascular system without any harm for your health so your body will be tuned for active physical activity.

A few cups of coffee in the morning will be enough to receive all necessary gains from this useful and tasty beverage.

Cherry juice

cherry juice

Cherry is considered one of the healthiest fruits. Phytochemicals which are abundant in cherries reduce inflammation in muscles, providing faster recovery. Two cups of cherry juice a day will cause a sensible effect. Such intake gives a rise to your regeneration system significantly improving your physical performance.

Skim milk

skim milk

Skim milk will help you to keep your knees and bones healthy. Such milk includes calcium, vitamin D, and proteins without any excessive fats which bring no benefits for sportsmen.

Green tea

green tea

Daily green tea intake affects positively your cardio-vascular system while antioxidants and catechins will improve your metabolism. Green tea helps to shed the weight and unclog the vessels.

Ginger potion

ginger potion

Ginger root or powdered ginger significantly reduces inflammation levels and eases muscle pain after training. Daily intake of ginger root potion improves your overall well-being letting you to get back to training sooner.

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