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Top Bicycle Brands List: World and the U.S. Bicycle Manufacturers

U.S. Bicycle Manufacturers

Everyone loves bicycles — children, women, men, grandparents. Hundreds of bicycle manufacturers produce new, more improved models of bikes every year, taking into account changing consumer demands for safety and comfort. Such diversity creates problems with choice. What brands of bicycles are the best and most reliable? To answer this question, we have conducted a large-scale study comparing models of popular brands. Based on the results, a top bicycle manufacturers list was compiled, with the help of which you can choose a good bike for yourself.

​​How the Rating of International and USA Bicycle Manufacturers Was Compiled?

Good bicycle manufacturers in the USA and the world are a subjective question because everyone has their criteria for selection and evaluation parameters. It is very difficult to single out anyone best bicycle manufacturer, each one is good in its way. But let’s average out all the possible data and make a choice. In compiling the list of U.S. bicycle manufacturers together with the international ones, the following parameters were taken into account:

  • materials;
  • price;
  • durability;
  • the quality of the parts (frame, handlebars, brakes);
  • performance characteristics of the model;
  • the presence of additional elements;
  • comfort, the safety of operation;
  • and lastly, design.

The main classification of bikes depends on the terrain and the purpose for which it is used.

Top- List of Bicycle Manufacturers

Cannondale — One of the Best US Bicycle Manufacturers


If you want a good mountain bike brand, Cannondale is your choice. The products of this American company are a little more expensive than some other budget brands, but there are reasons for that. Cannondale — an innovator in the cycling world, the author of many developments, and winner of many competitions. The main advantages of this bicycle manufacturer from the USA: a lifetime warranty on the frame (aluminum/carbon), in-house developments (Lefty fork, BB30 carriage, hologram connecting rods, S.A.V.E. technology, OPI&SI, etc.). It is very cool that even in the budget models they use technology from the more expensive series, and produce different types of bikes for almost every budget.

Specialized Bicycles: Another Good United States Bicycle Manufacturer

Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Bike was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard and is based in Morgan Hill, California. The history of this California bicycle manufacturer began with a collaboration with the Italian brands Cinelli and Campagnolo. The first Speschi were assembled on their components. In the early 80s, the first batch of mountain bikes came off the assembly line. Tires for the first Specialized bikes were made in the company’s factories. Specialized owns the patent for the S-Works twin-propeller. Today, this bicycle manufacturer in California takes first place on the podiums of cycling competitions. For fans, the brand stands for modern technology and design developments.

Author Is the Best Road Bicycle Manufacturer


The company from the Czech Republic has been producing various bicycles for twenty years: mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes. The models include those designed for extreme athletes. Author brand positions itself as a bicycle accessory manufacturer that will help reach the dream. The use of smart technology helps to overcome gravity. This is confirmed by a special design of spring suspension Drive Link Pivot, as well as the success of the racing team Author-Skoda. Czech company’s racers have been winning European competitions for several years.

Schwinn Bicycles — Another Example of an Excellent American Bicycle Manufacturer

Schwinn Bicycles

In 1895 in Chicago, the mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn and his partner Adolf Arnold founded the Schwinn company. At first, it was a motorized bicycle manufacturer. They have made motorcycles, and later they built their bicycle assembly factory. Schwinn is the ancestor of the youth cruiser bicycle, similar in style to the motorcycle. Schwinn is credited with the invention of bicycle wings. Their bicycles have become American-style classics, and several generations of Americans have grown up using them.

GT Bicycles — the U.S. Bicycle Manufacturer

GT Bicycles

GT brand is one of the largest companies in the world. It started with BMX bicycles. Since the 90s, they produce mountain bikes, popular on the American and international markets. A distinctive feature of GT frames is a triple triangle frame, due to which the frame is more rigid and durable. The i-Drive single wishbone suspension made it possible to move the carriage assembly beyond the frame triangles. In the 2000s, this custom bicycle manufacturer from the USA merged with bicycle manufacturer Schwinn (see the information about this company above). GT bicycles are most often sold in large sports supermarkets.

Ghost Is the Best Bike Manufacturer for Beginners

Ghost  Bike

Located in Germany, the bicycle factory has earned an excellent reputation, existing for more than two decades. Each year, the choice of models is replenished by newlines, developed by the staff of the enterprise. Producing bikes both for amateurs and professionals, Ghost assembles them all with the same quality. Each new product is tested by independent riders. Due to this, reliability meets strict world standards.

Strida Bikes — Best Fold and Recumbent Bicycle Manufacturer

Strida Bikes

Is it a good brand? Sure it is! Folding and recumbent bikes are very popular these days. They are lightweight, compact, have excellent riding properties, and are not fastidious in service. The company is relatively young, appeared in 1987, but managed to earn a reputation very quickly! Advantages: compact, minimal maintenance, lightweight, stylish.

What are the best bicycle brands? Now it is your time to decide! Read the article once again and check the official websites of each company to make a good choice!

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