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Top 10 bicycle brands

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Bicycles are cheaper than cars, take up less parking space and are ideal for sports activities. Bicycles are the sustainable transport of the future.

There are brands that produce:

  • Mountain bikes
  • City bikes
  • Children’s bicycles
  • Women’s bikes
  • Electric bicycles

There are brands that only make budget bikes. There are even brands that collect and paint bikes by hand. There is something unique about each brand. Top 15 includes world-class brands, those brands that have done a lot for the development of cycling. The list is subjective and the serial number does not indicate the importance of the brand.

Trek Bicycle

trek bicycle

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major American manufacturer of bicycles and bicycle products. The brand was founded in 1976 by John Burke. In 40 years, a small family business has become the leader of the bicycle industry. The head office is located in Waterloo, United States. The corporation includes brands Bontrager, Electra, Diamant, BCycle. Trek bicycles are sold in 90 countries. In 2017, there were 230 serial models of Trek bicycles in the model range, 86 of which are mountain bikes. Millions of people in hundreds of cities around the world choose Trek bikes because they are a simple and elegant way to solve their environmental problems.

Giant Bicycle

giant bicycle

History of the Taiwanese brand Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. began in 1972. The company owns production facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China. Its head office is located in Taichung, the Republic of China. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is sold in 50 countries, with 12,000 retail stores. This company was the first to produce a serial carbon bike and the first to produce aluminum frames. Giant Corporation owns a patent for the Maestro damping system for mountain bikes. In forty-five years the company has turned a small Taiwanese factory into a Giant in the world of bikes and accessories.

Bikes Specialized

bikes specialized

Bike Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard and is based in Morgan Hill, California. The history of the company began with cooperation with Italian brands Cinelli and Campagnolo. The first models were assembled from these components. In the early 80s, the first batch of mountain bikes came off the assembly line. Tires for them were made in their own factories. Specialized owns a patent for the S-Works double suspension. Today Bikes Specialized take first places on the catwalks of bicycle competitions. This brand is a symbol of modern technology and design developments for fans.

Scott Bicycle

scott bicycle

The company Scott USA produced winter equipment and clothing for motorsports. It was founded by Ed Scott in 1958. In the 80s the company’s office moved to Switzerland and changed its name to Scott Sports. Scott’s bikes are used by 13 professional triathlons, downhill, and cross country teams. The pride of the brand is aerodynamic rudders and super lightweight frames. The main direction of the company is downhill and freeride bikes.

Cannondale Bicycle

cannondale bicycle

This American company was founded 45 years ago. It was named after the Cannondale Metro Nord railway station in Connecticut. At first, they only made baby trailers. In 1983 they began producing road bikes and mountain bikes a year later. In the late 90’s they tried to enter the market of cross-country bikes but a little later the bridge-building department was resold to another company. Cannondale bikes won innovation and design competitions. The company is rightly proud of the one-legged fork Lefty, a carbon frame SuperSix EVO.

GT bikes

GT bikes

The company GT Bicycles is one of the largest in the world. It started with BMX bicycles. Mountain bikes have been produced since the 90s. A distinctive feature of the GT frame is a triangle frame, due to which the frame is more rigid and sturdy. Single-lever suspension of i-Drive made it possible to carry the carriage unit beyond the frame triangles. In the 2000s the company merged with bike manufacturer Schwinn. Most often GT bikes are sold in large sports supermarkets.

Merida bikes

Merida bikes

The world’s largest Taiwanese company began as a brand of budget bicycles. Bicycles Merida sold well in Europe and became a symbol of quality and inexpensive bikes. The company has its own production in Taiwan. In the 90s Merida was famous for aluminum frames. By 2018 announced the release of the Merida Silex gravel bike. Silex is a multi road bike that rides on any terrain but looks like an aggressive road bike.

Cube bikes

Cube bikes

This German company was founded in 1993. The design department and assembly plant are located in Germany. Bicycle frames are painted and designed in Asia and bicycles are assembled in Walderhof, Germany. Cube bikes are sold in 33 countries around the world. In addition to bicycles under the Cube brand, they also produce accessories, clothing, and equipment. Company Cube is a regular participant in the European bike exhibition Eurobike. Cube mountain bikes delight their fans with original designs and bright colors.

Norco bikes

Norco bikes

Norco company was founded in 1964 by Canadian Bert Lewis. Norco’s slogan “Adventure begins here”. The unique terrain of the country was an ideal platform for testing mountain bikes. Norco bikes are sold in 125 countries. The pride of the company is Vancouver’s North Shore Bicycle Park, a true cycling paradise. Over 50 years of existence the Norco brand has sponsored dozens of world-class athletes. Most of the prizes were awarded in the Townhill and BMX.

Schwinn bikes

Schwinn bikes

Mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn and his partner Adolf Arnold founded Schwinn in Chicago in 1895. At first, they produced motorcycles and a little later they built their own factory to assemble bikes. Schwinn is the founder of the youth bike cruiser which has a style similar to a motorcycle. The invention of bicycle wings is attributed to Schwinn. Bicycles Schwinn became a classic of the American style, they grew up several generations of Americans.

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