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Tool Arsenal of a True Cyclist

bike tool kit

Bike malfunctions are inevitable no matter how carefully it is serviced. Some parts have limited service life while others might break by an occasion. You need to have a certain number of tools to take care of your two-wheeled companion if you have made cycling a part of your life.

A bike tool kit is one of the necessary purchases. You might need a proper bike toolset even before the first ride. The bike isn’t such a sophisticated and problematic vehicle such as a car or a motorbike but it’s needed to be serviced properly.

Bike repair tools and bike repair tools will help you to get out of any trouble and with your own bicycle tool kit you will be able to configure your bike in a way that is the most suitable for you.

Here’s the list of best bike tools that you need

bicycle repair kit
  • Hexagon wrench tool is a necessity for every cyclist. It’s hard to enumerate how many things in your bike you can fix with this incredible tool. Brake system, gears, cogset, levers, stem, and seat post are only a few of them.
  • Multi-tool is a compact workshop that can be carried in a pocket. It is a necessary item when you’re out riding. Occasional breakages and many different malfunctions could be fixed with the help of a multi-tool.
  • Wrenches will help you to get the wheels, brakes, and cranks off. You can almost completely disassemble your bike, if necessary. You can regulate or do bolt tightening with the help of wrenches.
  • A flat tire is the most common problem among cyclists. The bile wheel can deflate at any moment and you will need a pump to inflate it. The pump will allow you to inflate your bike tires if you will decide to change tubes or tires.
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers need no introduction. Suffice it to say that you won’t be able to do anything without either one of them.
  • Sometimes cables need to be replaced and cable housing can be unspooled. Wire cutters can neatly cut it as well as cut wires and brake cables.
  • A bike chain measurer will show you how worn your chain is and when you will need to replace it.
  • The repair kit includes patches, glue, and levers for tire replacement. These instruments will help you to patch a pierced tire or change it for a new one. A tire could be pierced by anything that lies on the road: nails, pine needles, spikes, sharp branches, shattered glass, and other litter. Chain links could be disconnected only with the help of a chain connector tool. If your chain is stretched out or worn out you can remove a few links to shorten it and extend its service life.

Of course, you will always have an option to hand your bike over to professionals but it is more interesting to fix your bike with your own hands using personal tools. Bike fixing is a very useful skill that you will need in the future.

A bike maintenance kit is very useful, simple, and necessary for every cyclist

bike tool set

A bike maintenance kit could be carried with you on your cycling trips to give you a hand whenever it will be needed. Those essential bike tools are all you need to take care of your bike with your own hands. The most common breakages in bicycles include flat tires, chain rupture, brakes malfunction, gears disassembling, and violated saddle stability. All these malfunctions could be fixed with the use of a bike repair tool kit or portable bike toolset.

You should watch after the quality of your tools. For the best results, you should use only high-quality, branded toolsets. Many producers release toolsets designed specifically for bicycles but you can buy such tools in a regular hardware store.

If you use low-quality or unnamed tools you might damage your bicycle or some important parts of it. The strength of steel is often different no matter which alloy is it. If there is a big difference between the steel strength of your tool and the steel strength of your bicycle part, one of them could be damaged or broken. For example, bolts and nuts could be broken and the thread could be damaged.

Bicycle repairing is complicated but still a pleasant activity. There’s no better feeling than the feeling of self-accomplishment and confidence after a successful repairing job.

Each of the mentioned above instruments should be present in your bicycle tool-set. Some of them will help you to prevent breakages, some will help to fix them. Some of these instruments are necessary to keep your bike in the right condition. A true cyclist needs to know how to maintain and fix his bike because who knows when and where something will happen?

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