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Tips and Advices for Bicycle Maintenance

how to keep your bicycle in order

Bicycles are easy to use compared to a car or motorcycle but it’s a vulnerable and delicate mechanism that requires certain care measures and maintenance guidelines.

A well-maintained bicycle can serve you for decades and even more. There’s plenty of retro bicycles on the streets today which can beat many of today’s bikes. But your bike can serve you less than a year if you will treat it wrong.

Regardless of what kind of bicycle you have, there’re a few certain rules which are universal for all bicycle types

how to maintain the bike
  • Storage conditions are the most significant factor which affects your bike’s lifetime. Cold balconies, humid garages and staircases, and other similar places are not suitable for bike storage. The bike needs dry, protected from the direct sunlight, and warm place to be well-preserved and keep its functionality for years.
  • The bike’s chassis should be carefully maintained. The bike’s chassis include chain, cassette hub, chainring, and front and rear derailleurs. Dust, mud, abrasive, old grease, and all kind of things settle on chassis parts creating continuous abrasion which severely damages all moving parts. Such abrasion could erase and damage cogs or a whole cogset, hampering gear shifting and acceleration. All chassis parts wear out much faster while irreversibly damaging themselves with such contamination.
  • The chain should be greased and cleansed to avoid harmful abrasion. Special removers are used to provide the best cleansing and effect which is designed especially for alloys that are used in bicycle parts production. You can use a regular cleaner while using a small brush to get to hard-to-access parts of the chassis. Polymer grease is the best option for chain greasing. It doesn’t leave a humid covering which can attract unwanted dust and litter.
  • You should watch for axial and radial play in the head tube, cassette, and hubs which can cause axle and rim damage. Also, keep your eye on the tires’ pressure. Too low pressure can damage the rims and create a dangerous situation during the ride. Low pressure can damage the rubber and a tube while an inflated tire pressure can cause the tube’s breakup.

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