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The USA Cancels All National Cycling Championships For 2020

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All USA national cycling championships for 2020 were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. MTB Marathon and December’s cyclo-cross championships are only exceptions.

The epidemic situation in the country only worsened and had forced USA Cycling to cancel all the coming events. More and more people got infected now and considering that cycling events include numerous spectators, sponsors, and participants along with their technical crews, the holding of such events is impossible.

A lot of alternate plans and routes were developed to find any possibilities to hold at least a few events this year, to no avail. Current regulation and law restrictions cannot allow the holding of such events.

The situation is different in Europe. The biggest and the most famous cycling event in the world – Tour de France will be held in August – September. Though it was postponed like other significant events, its holding is expected to be spectacular and full-fledged.

COVID-19 pandemic affected all sports throughout the world to a greater or lesser extent. The mass character of sports events makes it difficult to hold them under quarantine and global pandemic.

Alternate dates, postponements, varied routes, and events’ features couldn’t help to find a proper solution. Nationwide cycling events include long-distance races which include many stages and locations. It’s impossible to hold such events because they involve many municipalities and urban and suburban areas.

Some of the US states such as Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona were affected more by the COVID-19 pandemic than others. Local permissions and restrictions made it impossible to hold mass cycling events according to USA Cycling.

It is not certainly clear whether the MTB Marathon and December’s cyclo-cross championships will be held.

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