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The Most Common Breakages in Bicycle

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There’re a lot of bicycle types. Some of them are more or less sophisticated, some are primitive and some are technical masterpieces.

But you know what they all have in common if you cycle regularly – every bike will eventually break. So it is important to know what kind of breakages you should expect from your bicycle and how to deal with them.

A flat tire

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It’s the most common problem among all transport owners. Four-wheeled transport’s tires are much more protected and durable, unlike bicycle tires. A flat tire can catch a cyclist anywhere, on a road, cross-country terrain or even on a bike lane.

A tire can deflate on two occasions: a pierce or a valve’s malfunction. Pierced tires can be patched but if a valve can’t hold the air inside the tube, the whole tube should be replaced.

Rim brakes and V-brakes don’t work properly

This is a common problem that should be solved immediately. Brakes malfunction can create a dangerous situation on the road.

Rim brakes and V-brakes don’t work in only one case – if brake blocks have rubbed off. You can replace them with new ones or cover them with brake pads.

Brake pad trips the rim

When the brake pad trips the rim it means a few things: your wheel is installed improperly or your brakes are wrongly-configured. You should rearrange your wheel properly and the reinstalled wheel should be true. Brakes configuration should be done by a service worker for the best result.

Bottom bracket and hubs make scratching noises

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You should check them for axial and radial play. Service workers should go through all hubs and bottom brackets if they show even a little play. The complex configuration is a bare minimum that should be done.

Gears don’t switch properly

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The possible reason for such malfunction could lie in the wrong configuration of the level set. Damaged cables or cable shells, bent hanger, malfunctioned derailleur and other nuances can be the possible reason for improper gear switching.

Your bike’s level set might need a professional configuration and some parts could be replaced.

Bike’s malfunctions can be fixed independently or with the help of service workers. But you should remember that even the smallest malfunction can cause a fatal situation during the ride.

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