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That’s Why You Feel So Happy When You’re Cycling

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Everyone who cycles regularly experiences the feeling of accomplishment and happiness. There are a few reasons for that.

You feel that itching in the early morning when the streets are empty and the day just started and in the evening when the day is almost done. There’s a strong desire to get a ride on your bicycle every day if you’re a cyclist.

Every cyclist can tell about a feeling of deep-minded relaxation and satisfaction after a ride. Recently scientists have found why a human feels so good about cycling.

Our survival instincts are the reason for such a good feeling. But the only one instinct causing such satisfaction. It is the instinct of subsistence searching. But there’s always more than enough food in today’s society.

Why do we feel such a strong urge to ride?

People who often exercise have low levels of leptin, a hormone that tells our brain to seek food and start physical activity. We meet these desires when we start cycling and then we receive dopamine – a pleasure neurotransmitter.

This combination causes such a strong desire to go cycling and develops a strong habit to maintain physical activity.

Post-ride snacks and beverages are the most satisfying reward. Even water tastes better after a long ride.


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