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Ten Reasons to Ride to Work on the Bicycle

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Riding a bike from home to work is funny and cheap, but there’s a lot more. Here are ten main reasons to ride to work on a bike and why this type of commute will bring you a lot of joy.

We decided to talk about several reasons why it is better to get to work on a bike than by car.


Riding to work on a bike is entertaining, easy and simple. Many people look in the past, reviving their cycling experience in their memory, wanting to be as carefree in their working life as they were in childhood. The bicycle brings everyday grey routine back to life. You can explore the neighborhood, listen to birds singing and the rustling wheels of cyclists passing by if you will choose a bicycle as your main means of transport. You’ll soon want to make longer trips and vary your routes.


Riding a bike helps to stay healthy and fit. Although the number of burned calories depends on the physiology of each person, cycling speed and the type of terrain, a bicycle helps to get rid of the same amount of calories as running does with much less negative effect on the joints. Cycling improves the work of the cardio-muscular and respiratory systems, reduces blood pressure, gives energy, trains muscles and improves coordination. All these features turn simple pedal twisting into salutary magic. Daily bike rides help to stay fit just as gym training does.

Mind sharpening

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Regular cycling helps you to get smarter. Although they won’t turn you into an astrophysicist overnight, studies show that moderate daily exercise prevents the reduction of cognitive ability, improves memory and learning ability and increases brain productivity. So even if your bike won’t help you to get into Harvard University, at least your daily work and activities will be easier for you to do.


Bike commuting saves you a lot of money. According to statistics, the average American family spends nearly three thousand dollars on gasoline and motor oil. Maintenance, accidental breakages, repairing works, insurance payments and parking tickets require nine thousand dollars or more a year for a regular sedan usage.

A new city bike costs from two hundred and fifty dollars to one thousand and five hundred dollars, depending on the brand, design and technological assembling. Maintenance costs would not exceed two hundred dollars a year. If you will decide to service your bike on your own, its maintenance will cost you almost nothing.

Chain lock and lights are the only things you’ll have to spend money on. Cycling can save seven thousand dollars in the first year and up to nine thousand dollars starting from the second. It’s not bad, is it?

Public benefits

Riding a bike to work saves money not only for you but for others as well. In 2011, the Journal of Physical Activity and Health published a cost-benefit analysis of bicycle infrastructure of Portland, Oregon, USA. According to the study results, USA citizens could save up to six hundred million dollars for healthcare during the next twenty years by making timely investments in bicycle infrastructure.

Fresh air

Transport is responsible for the third of all greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions while personal transport and trucks generate one-fifth of these emissions. The engine of an average car produces about four kilos of CO2 for every traveled kilometer while the average cyclist generates only one gram of CO2 with every breath.

The energetic cost of a standard sedan equals two thousand and five hundred kJ per traveled kilometer. Bicycle’s life cycle which includes fifteen years of exploitation and maintenance does not exceed 40 kJ of energy cost.

Comfort and convenience

Bike’s inconvenience is one of the strongest bike-related prejudices that repels people from cycling. But what could be more uncomfortable and stressful than spending ten minutes looking for parking every morning or spending time hours in stinky and stuffed traffic?

It’s easier with a bike: all you have to do is buckle it up at the nearest pole. Bicyclists don’t sit in traffic jams and are not dependent on public transport delays. Such independence from the urban environment allows them to get to their destination point much faster than a car or a bus can do. Baskets and bicycle bags help you to carry your stuff and documents. Many companies provide secure bicycle parking.


Increasing cycling popularity increases cyclists’ safety too. The University of New South Wales had published a study back in 2008 saying that increased cycling popularity will have remarkable consequences and will change city infrastructure forever.

One interesting phenomenon was discovered in this study. The number of car-bike accidents decreases in correlation with the increased number of cyclists on the roads. It can be easily explained. The driving behavior of cyclists becomes more predictable and accustomed. Car drivers are getting used to cyclists on the road. Since cars became affordable and widespread among all people, bicycles became unpopular in big cities. But now the tables are turning to free a place for cyclists in the cities’ infrastructures.

Freedom and self-reliance

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We all know this special feeling of freedom when we drive a bike for the first time without the supporting wheels and backup hands of our parents. It’s one of the most important moments of any kid’s childhood.

A different feeling of freedom could be given in the first car. Of course, riding a car brings unforgettable impressions and feeling but considering today’s state of infrastructure, rush hours, crowded, busy streets, and the lack of parking places, once pleasant and inspiring activities such as car driving turns into a drastic and stressful experience.

Regular car driver feels like a convict in a cell for at least twice a day, getting stuck in a traffic jam. Running circles while searching for a free parking place, car refueling, service works and other activities take a lot of time.

Cycling allows you to feel this first feeling of freedom and carelessness in the conditions of the city environment. You can feel yourself as an independent and self-sufficient person if you will change your car for a bike.

To enrich your diet

For, sure there is a wonderful café with inexpensive and delicious business lunches in a couple of kilometers from your office but you have to go to the local dining room because it is much closer.

Once you get on your bike, you can get to this café in five or ten minutes and enjoy something new. Plus, even during a very leisurely ride, you will burn about three hundred calories per hour, so you can feel free to order an extra dessert or a cup of latte.

Extended life age, trained muscles, endurance and a healthy heart are long known benefits of cycling. We are sure that everyone knows that cycling is an ingenious means of transport which effectively improves the quality of life. Whichever way you look at it, it only makes us better.

There’s plenty more to add to this list of cycling benefits. Every willing person can expand this list individually. One thing is clear – the benefits of cycling are obvious and undeniable.

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