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Talking about bicycle pedals

bicycle pedals

Pedals are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. The rider transmits the forces from the leg to the transmission with this simple device. In addition, the pedals provide control over the bike, and the rider’s safety depends largely on them. Each type of pedal has its own characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Pedals are generally classified into three groups. These are platforms, toe clips, or clipless. What are their differences, and should you think about changing your pedals?


Platforms are the most common pedals that cyclists are used to. It is precisely the platforms that are equipped with children’s and city bikes, mountain and trick bikes, tourist, and highway bikes. Such pedals are easy to twist, the pedal platform is always at the same level as the cyclist’s foot.

Standard city bikes are also mostly equipped with platforms. Often they are inexpensive, but also practical. That’s what you need for beginners!

There are higher class platforms, and they are more practical and reliable. They provide a more secure grip on the pedal platform and the shoe sole.

They will serve the owner for more than one year and will help him to travel more than one thousand kilometers with pleasure.

The trick platforms are very reliable but also very expensive. They allow you to feel the bike well thanks to the wide platform and quickly remove your foot from the pedal during the trick.


Clipless are most often installed on highway and mountain bikes. They allow you to fix your foot to the pedals, creating a single “mechanism”. But you need special shoes with a spike for such pedals. The spike is connected to the pedal platform, and securely snaps into place using a spring frame.

We also need to mention hybrid pedals. They are a device with a contact plate on one side and a conventional pedal platform on the other.

Toe clips

There are also toe clips. These are pedal-platforms with a fixing strap for the toe. This increases the efficiency of pedaling by reducing dead spots and circular pedaling. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be used with any kind of shoe.

The disadvantage of the last two types of pedals is the inconvenience of their use. It is necessary to have the skill to hit the strap with your foot or to release your foot in time.

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