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Tailgate Pads: How to Protect Your Tailgate While Transporting the Bicycle?

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Tailgate Pad for Bikes and Other Convenient Ways to Transport the Bike

It is so pleasant to ride a bicycle, however, it is not so easy to transport it in a car. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases, when you need your car to transfer a bike:

  • When you don’t want to pedal in heavy traffic, it is easy just to put your bike over tailgate and transfer it.
  • If the only road to the place of riding is a highway because it is forbidden to ride a bicycle on it.
  • If you have decided to ride after work, and you don’t have time to get home.
  • If you need to conduct cross-country training on the track, which is far from the city.
  • If you want to hold a road workout outside the city in the vicinity of woods, villages, and low traffic.
  • If you only ride downhill, getting to the top is not that easy.
  • When going out to competitions or other events.

It would seem that the bicycle and the automobile are two antipodean vehicles. The bike symbolizes the solution to environmental problems. The only pity is that the range of a bicycle is limited to an average of 50-70 kilometers. The average person simply does not have the strength or desire to pedal for longer distances. The automobile, on the other hand, is a dangerous phenomenon for the environment, but unlike the bicycle, it can take you far away. And there, at the edge of the world, you will get a bicycle and use it to enjoy the purity of nature and freedom from the internal combustion engine. But first, you have to get your bike there and that is where you will need some extra equipment such as a tailgate bike cover, for example.

Cars, for the most part, are not well suited for such transportation because of the limited space inside the trunk or interior. Limitations will arise even when using special devices for transporting a bicycle on the car, such as tailgate pads. So, there is no ideal option here. It remains only to concentrate on the disadvantages with which you are willing to put up with.

Are there any possibilities to transfer your bike without any additional equipment? From a rigger’s point of view, a bicycle is an uncomfortable object: handles and pedals sticking out in different directions, big wheels, and a frame. It all adds up to too much space. Therefore, carrying a bicycle in the car is best suited for folding bicycles with small wheels, 16-20 inches. This bicycle can even be placed in the trunk of the sedan without folding the back row of seats. What about those bikes that don’t fold? A good solution is to remove the front wheel. Many modern bicycles use eccentric nuts to tighten the axles, and the removal process takes seconds. If your bike has an eccentric handlebar, it can also be removed or turned in the same plane as the frame. The rear wheel is usually not removed so as not to mess with the chain drive.

If you place your bike in the trunk with the wheel removed, you should take care of your tailgate, and here the tailgate cover for bikes comes in handy! So, let us focus on the transportation of the bikes with the help of the tailgate pad.

What Is the Bike Tailgate Pad?

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The so-called tailgate pads for bikes are created especially for pickup trucks. They are usually smooth and thick and filled with foam. You just need to fold it over the tailgate of the truck. Many of them also have extra straps to secure bicycles. Some have bumpers to protect the bikes from hitting each other. We consider this option of the tailgate pad bike to be better than racks, as it is much safer to carry your bike without the threat of any damages. Also, every retailer must have come across the fact that frame size is different for different types of bikes. The tangency is that the bikes become longer and bigger, with huge wheels and extra tools. On the other hand, the tailgate mat for bikes is easier to use on any pickup truck, as there is no need to use any screws to set it up. You just install them on the tailgate of your car, and they’re ready to be used. Additionally, it’s a much cheaper option. Therefore, the tailgate bike covers are a great addition for transporting bikes on cars.

The tailgate bike covers are needed for those people who drive a car with an open trunk because putting a bicycle in an open trunk is much easier than carrying a bicycle in a conventional trunk in a sedan or hatchback. It’s also the perfect solution to outdated bike mounts on the roof of the car. Every year, bikes get bigger and more massive, frames get longer, wheels and tires of bikes get bigger. In addition, full-suspension has radically changed the shape of the bike’s top tube, making it impossible to carry bikes on the roofs of cars.

The task of transporting a bicycle on a pickup truck is not an easy one. Rough roads, potholes, and serpentine roads can do a lot of damage to both the bike and the pickup. That’s why developers and manufacturers of bicycles came up with a special tailgate protector for bikes that help secure the bike in the trunk and prevent damage. On the market, there are a huge variety of solutions to this difficult problem, but the easiest, most convenient, reliable, and, importantly, the cheapest solution is the purchase of the tailgate protector bike. If you are a happy owner of a road, mountain, or any other type of bicycle and a pickup truck-it is a must-have for you!

That’s why we’ve done a detailed analysis of all bicycle tailgate pad options on the market to select the best options for you and help you find the one that was created just for you!

Our Top-3 Best Tailgate Bike Pads

tailgate bike carrier

Explore our list of the 6 best bike tailgate covers that offer you the easiest and most convenient way to safely and securely transport your two-wheeled friend and sports loads and gear for a cool day outdoors or out of town.

  • Thule GateMate PRO Mtb tailgate pad. We put the Thule GateMate pro tailgate pad in the first place because it is durable and high quality, this bike mat will provide reliable protection and safe transportation for your bike. It will also help protect your trunk from scratches and dents. Heavy-duty and durable vinyl has been used in the making of this pad. The manufacturers have provided and thoughtfully designed special blocks that prevent unnecessary sliding of your bikes during your ride. This technology helps keep the bike from scratching and damaging the trunk liner. It also uses built-in strap attachment points to hold each bike securely in place throughout the road drive. What’s more, everything is so cleverly designed that the handle hood allows you to reach the tailgate without inconvenience. You don’t even have to remove the overlay to do so. It also attaches securely to the tailgate with nylon straps, and there are mesh pockets inside for storing gear.
  • Dakine Pickup Tailgate Pad- one of the best bike mats for truck tailgates. This mat has an intimidating appearance because of its camouflage coloring. The manufacturer claims that this mountain bike tailgate protector is a unique solution with which you can transport your bicycle with ease. It allows you to transport up to 7 bikes in one trip. This pad makes it easy to secure each of the 7 bikes with straps, and the thick fleece lining protects your truck by creating a solid barrier between the bikes and the pickup. You’ll also have no trouble getting to the tailgate and using all of its features, as the mat has a special hatch. This sturdy and reliable tailgate blanket for bikes was made of polyester, which is characterized by its resistance to UV rays, and the special camouflage color does not fade in the sun. Also, the mat does not wear out quickly. We recommend it as it will last you a long time in all weathers and seasons.
  • Fox Racing Protective Tailgate Cover Bike. In third place is the Fox Racing tailgate protective cover. It is more portable as it is very compact. If you need this protection not just for one-time transportation of bicycles, and you do not want to remove and install the protection every time, it is ideal! Despite the fact that it is very compact, the manufacturer has not skimped on quality as it is made of soft yet durable materials. You can easily fold it into a special small bike bag. Using this best tailgate pad, you can easily protect your vehicles and forget about scratches and dents. You also have several webbed straps, so you can easily attach the pad to the pickup truck. As well, the frame anchor of this pad straps to attach the bikes securely to the tailgate pad. It also has a flap for easy access to the handle of the tailgate.
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