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Surly Bikes Explained! Some Surly Bikes Wiki Facts and Many More!

Surly Bikes Wiki Facts

So what do we know about Surly Cycling Bikes? Surly, as it is abbreviated, is a popular American bicycle brand. Where are surly bikes made? Back in 1998, it was founded by bicycle enthusiasts from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. Surly cross-check bikes company is now part of the large company Quality Bicycle Products.

The latter specializes in bicycle parts and bicycles and is the distributor of Surly Bikes (Surly mountain bikes, Surly adventure bikes, and others). You might have thought that Surly Brewing Company and Surly Bikes are one company since the two companies are headquartered in Minnesota and the names are very similar. But they have nothing in common, and Surly Bikes has every legal right to put the word “Surly” on their products alone.

Surly Cross-Check Bike: History

Surly Cross-Check Bike: History

Once googled “surly bikes wiki”, you will find out that Quality Bicycle Products and its employees developed a project called Surly and created the brand. By the 1990s, the company already had a couple of bike brands, such as Salsa Cycles. The company began producing winter Surly fat-tire bikes, which were a kind of off-road bikes because they could easily ride in the snow. But for customers, there were many disadvantages in these Surly snow bikes, such as price and inability to easily buy such a Surly cross check bike in a store. Quality Bicycle Products attempted to bring these bikes into mass production by starting to customize them with standard parts.

Already in early 2000, the company and brand Surly reasserted itself as a manufacturer of single-speed bicycles. They introduced a Surly single-speed mountain bike to the world. Surly single-speed cross-check bike was kind of experiment, but in the 2010s, Surly was back to making Surly fat bikes with thick tires. Surly were some of the best tire manufacturers because they had the most suitable equipment. In those years, all the brands producing fat bikes were buying tires from Surly, as they had no equal.

The company was gaining momentum and employees, but in early 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was forced to lay off almost 15 percent of its employees.

​​Surly Bike Review

#1: Surly Long-haul Trucker Bike

Surly Long-haul Trucker Bike

It’s not an ultra-fast cyclocross machine. Nor is it a lightweight Surly road bike. Also, it should not be your first choice for trail riding on rocky and dusty mountains.

But you can ride a Surly bike long-haul trucker for harsh conditions because it’s not a specialized bike, but an all-purpose bike. The flexibility makes this model very appealing, and if you’re looking for a reasonably priced bike that can do almost anything, it’s worth looking at very closely. We recommend you to pay attention to Surly bikes karate monkey, as it allows you to go any distance off-road without much difficulty.

#2: Surly Straggler

Surly Straggler

The next star of our Surly cross-check review is Surly Straggler. This Surly touring bike is highly adaptable. It has fender and basket mounts, room for wide tires, disc brakes for easy stopping, and outboard brackets to turn the model into a single-speed bike. What is (cross check Surly) Surly cross-check specs? The Straggler’s relatively large front triangle makes it easy to carry the bike over obstacles during cross-country races. But the narrow steel top tube was digging into my shoulder every time. On top of that, Surly engineers ran cables under the top tube, which improved the Surly cross-check geometry. $1,775 is a fair price for the Straggler Surly commuter bike, and the versatility makes it a good choice. Some will be put off by the heavyweight, but it’s one of the most comfortable bikes you’ll ever ride.

#3: Surly Pugsley

Surly Pugsley

Surly Pugsley fat bike —this bike is ideal for off-road and mountaineering enthusiasts. With the Pugsley, you can be sure that you won’t get stuck somewhere in the middle of the road.

Features: 135 mm offset fork, 142 x 12 mm rear dropout, 26” x 4.8″ tire clearance, 26″ x 4.3” clearance on the fork. It is also possible to buy any additional accessories you may need. It’s great for any adventurous trip, even if you just choose a long route to the grocery store. Another tester commented on this model as follows: “It’s a simple and straightforward, darn bike.” I think he captured its essence accurately.

If you still have questions or want to read more about the company’s products, you can do so on their official website. And we’ll continue to do reviews on the best ones, so stay tuned!

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