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Strange Things Bike Will Be Replicated by Schwinn – Alike On the Screen

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Sci-fi TV-series Stranger Things gained popularity among the majority of Netflix fans and beyond. And now bicycle manufacturer Schwinn had replicated and released the Stranger Things’ bike – «Predator».

Stranger Things takes place in the rural America of the 80s featuring technics, cars, and bicycles of that time. The «Predator» bike could be called one of the main characters because its appearance became a calling card of these series.

Stranger Things’ bike is designed in the vintage/retro style which is so popular today. Maybe it is the reason for the wide popularity of the Stranger Things series and this bike. Schwinn had released another two bikes from this sci-fi story before which had been sold with incredible speed.

«Predator» bike has several unusual and catchy features such as a khaki-colored frame, orange and brown rims, handlebar cloth bag, and vintage leather saddle. These features make the «Predator Bike» easily recognized and so desirable for Stranger Things fans.

Any interested person can buy «Predator Bike» on Walmart.com for two hundred and forty-nine dollars. Schwinn is recognized as one of the best bicycle producers and the «Predator» bike will bring joy to every Stranger Things fan.

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