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Special Need Tricycles

Bicycling can be fun regardless of the number of wheels. The special design can help children, the elderly, and people with special needs keep their balance. In this article, we will talk about three wheel bike for special needs.

The tricycle for disabled child is one of the unusual types of bicycles that designed to meet special needs. These models of bicycles for adults are common and popular, especially among people of age. In Asian countries, the 3 wheel bikes for special needs are associated with cargo delivery.

Advantages of a tricycles for kids with special needs

tricycles for kids with special needs
  • the low price of a bicycle;
  • no dependence on gas stations;
  • ease of maneuvering and parking;
  • reliability and safety;
  • health-improving effect;
  • suitable for people who are not confident in their ability to drive a bicycle;
  • optimal high sitting leveling the load on the lower part of the back;
  • the ability to comply with any speed mode without loss of stability.
  • increased stability compared to a two-wheeled bike;
  • you don’t need speed to keep your balance
  • the ability to travel at any speed, especially important for the elderly
  • the low frame allows you to ride in any, comfortable for the rider, clothing, which will undoubtedly appeal to women;
  • the ability to carry sufficiently heavy and bulky loads;
  • tricycle for handicapped child can be used to transport goods and even passengers.

How to choose a tricycle for kids with disabilities

tricycle for special needs child

Choosing a tricycle for special needs child is not different from choosing a regular bike. You should pay special attention to the quality of the frame and materials of which the basic elements are made. You can always buy additional devices later when you understand exactly what you need.

The only feature of the choice of three-wheeled bikes is of course the peculiarity of the rider who will use it. The design of the bike should meet the needs of the person who will use it.

Another parameter for choosing a trike can be the surface on which you will be walking. Dry asphalt and bicycle paths do not require additional suspension and a more expensive design.

If you need to travel off-road or carry extra cargo, then pay attention to cargo three-wheeled bikes. They have a reinforced load capacity and an extended frame.

The most important parameter in selecting a bike for a particular person is his height. Bikes for children will not suit adults. A person’s weight is important. You’re better make a test run before buying to make sure that this is what you need.

The cost of a bicycle

The budget for a bike can vary depending on your needs and requests. Different models cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands. Also, consider the cost of maintenance and parts in case of repairs.

It is very important to determine the right choice of body position on the trip on a bicycle. A large part of the buyers prefer the upright models of the classic type, but the stylish recumbent bikes not only look beautiful but for someone may be more comfortable and safe.

Manufacturers are trying to use the latest materials in the manufacture of bicycle frames, and over time, they are becoming lighter and stronger, which adds to the popularity of this type of transportation.

These advantages may allow tricycles to compete with two-wheeled bicycles and gain more and more popularity. Moreover, the main advantage of this means of transportation is affordability and safety. Even children can easily control the movement and avoid falls on a bicycle which has three points of support.

It is the best way to learn how to ride for those who have always wanted to try the world of cycling for themselves. More advanced models with electric motors can make it easier to ride a tricycle and turn it into the most popular urban eco-vehicle.

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