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Six Cycling Tips for Novices Which Could Also Be the Useful to Avid Cyclists

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If you’re not a kid or a teen anymore and you decided to start cycling, you probably need to learn all the pitfalls and specificities of cycling by yourself. Cycling isn’t something highly-sophisticated and scholarly but a necessary basis should be learned and adopted to make cycling safe and enjoyable for you.

Here are six cycling tips for beginners which will help you to navigate among the cycling world. Some of them you might know already and some could be the high road even to avid cyclists.

Find a bike which suits you the most

road bikes tips

Cycling begins and ends with a bike. Bicycle isn’t just an instrument or a means of transportation if you’re a cyclist at heart. First time riding will bring you unforgettable impressions and experience.

Depending on the purpose of your future bike, your intentions regarding cycling, and your physical state you should choose the bike very deliberately. The more you like it, the more you will want to ride it.

Define your own goals and desires, make sure that your potential bike fits your body properly, and meets your aesthetic and practical needs. You should not start with a high-technical and high-end bike. There are plenty of bikes that are designed for beginners and are easy to use. Service workers in a bike shop will help you to make the right decision.

Choose the right accessories

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You can ride an «empty» bike during a promenade but you will need basic gear if you plan to use your bike for daily needs. Front lighter, helmet, water bottle, repairing kit, a basket, reflectors, and U-type lock are necessary for safe and confident riding. Biking gear for beginners necessarily includes a front lighter, helmet, and water bottle.

The majority of novices often wonder what to wear on a bike ride. You can buy specialized sports clothes but for initial rides, your clothing needs only to be comfortable and habitual. Your daily outfit will suit you the most as well as will bring you the feeling of confidence and something familiar.

Get in shape

biking gear for beginners

Regular cycling may seem hard and exhausting for the first time but you need to create a healthy cycling habit to make daily riding a pleasant and useful activity. Physical condition is the most important factor which helps to get used to your new bike. So pay attention to what you eat and how you rest.

Another question lies in how you ride. The average cycling speed for beginners varies from ten to twenty kilometers per hour.

Safety first

safety first

Cycling is closely related to high risk. Traffic, pedestrians, terrain, and cars can carry a great danger. You need to learn traffic rules and practice a lot in less crowded and less busy locations such as parks, suburbs, and promenades.

Beginners guide cycling advice to wear a helmet, front and backlighting and always pay attention to what’s going on the road.

Define what riding style suits you the most

riding style

You will never know that you’re an inbred cross-country rider or an avid retro bikes lover if you will never buy a bike. You will understand what riding style was meant for you with time. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.

Cycling techniques depend on your physical shape, bike type, terrain, weather, and many other factors. Cycling tips for beginners recommend sticking up with the most comfortable bike type such as a city bike and to choose the plain and smooth terrain with no other cyclist or people around.

Find a company

find a company

Cycling alone can be hard if you just started. Find like-minded people who will help you to get used to your bike and cycling in general. It’s always easier to achieve something if you have a caring person by your side.

The best way to get yourself into cycling is to find someone who knows how to do it and stick with him. It could be your friend or your parent, a colleague, or just a stranger. Find non-indifferent and let him teach you.

Such relationships will help you to create a habit to cycle regularly, meet the need for social communication, and learn how to cycle confidently.

Confidence is the most important part of cycling. First, you need to learn to realize yourself as a cyclist, not a pedestrian. Only with such kind of realization, you will learn how to bike and feel confident when you’re on your bicycle.

There always is something to learn no matter how experienced you are. And there’s a lot to learn if you want to cycle with confidence.

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