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Is Schwinn a Good Bike Brand? Information about Schwinn and Its Products

Is Schwinn a Good Bike Brand

Today, such a type of transport as a bicycle has become very popular. This is a very convenient and economical means of transportation, which does not require huge expenditure on gasoline as it requires a car. Among other things, travel by bicycle is also good for the health of the cyclist.

Sufficiently popular to date has become a bicycle brand Schwinn. But is Schwinn a good bike brand? This well-known American manufacturer with a century of history produces the best bikes on the market. Bicycles of this brand are not as common in Europe as in America, but every year their popularity is becoming more and more profound. Our article will help you to answer the question of are Schwinn bikes good quality? If you’re interested in truly stylish and quality American bikes, you’ve come to the right place! 

Historical Information about Schwinn

Information about Schwinn

Schwinn is classics in a modern form and traditional quality for more than a century of company existence. The Schwinn brand has seen many ups and downs over its history, but one thing has not changed – Schwinn bicycle quality has been, is, and will continue to be a family favorite for generations.

Schwinn is America’s most famous and most popular bicycle brand. The company is over 126 years old! It was founded by Ignaz Schwinnomi and his companion Adolph Arnold on October 22, 1895, in Chicago. Within the first year, Schwinn had already won the most victories of any bicycle company. Interestingly, the appearance of the first U.S. bicycle company coincided with the rapid growth in popularity of such transport in the country, and by the early 20th century, fascination for bicycles there was truly massive.

Already in the first half of the twentieth century, Schwinn developed and marketed a line of sport and road bikes that made it a dominant player in the American market. There were thousands of Schwinn road bikes reviews to prove, that Schwinn was the best.

However, in the 1980s, the company’s owners made a fatal mistake, considering mountain bikes to be an unimportant part of the bicycle industry. This led the company to bankruptcy in 1993 (combined with other unfavorable factors). But the bike manufacturer sorted out all its problems in no time, regaining its former strength, and in 1998 it joined forces with another American leader, GT Bicycles, creating a corporation called Schwinn/GT.

However, at the beginning of the new millennium, this union again encountered serious difficulties, which led it to bankruptcy in 2001. This time the situation was saved by Pacific Cycle Inc (the largest importer of bicycles in the U.S.) by buying Schwinn/GT out of bankruptcy court and merging the firm with its other bicycle brands. Such a move has led to the fact that this American bicycle manufacturer is now confidently afloat and produces a wide range of two- and three-wheeled vehicles. But the question is the following: is Schwinn a good brand?

Generally, now Schwinn is a subsidiary of American concern “Pacific Cycle, Inc” along with such world-famous cycling brands like GT, Cannondale (read our new article about this company), and Roadmaster. All of these companies are known for their good quality bikes, and Schwinn bike quality is no exception.

The manufacturer is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA, but mass production of bikes takes place in Asia, mostly at Giant factories in Taiwan to be exact. Let’s find out the answer to the question of are Schwinn bikes still good?

Schwinn Bike Reviews: A Big Variety of Options

Historical Information about Schwinn

In general, the company Schwinn boasts a fairly diverse model range of Schwinn quality bikes, thanks to which it can meet the needs of many amateur cyclists – from children and teenagers to amateur athletes who are fond of mountain or highway disciplines. Does Schwinn make good bikes for city rides? Yes, the company produces plenty of different models of city bikes, so commuting lovers may find the best option for themselves.

Is Schwinn a good bike for professionals? It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Schwinn manufacturer does not offer cool bikes for high-class athletes as such. In addition, the manufacturer does not have the best situation with the mountain bike segment: first, he simply has a small selection of such bikes, and secondly, his palette includes only hard-tails (there are no two-saddle or fat bikes).

Where to Buy: Schwinn Bicycles Prices

Schwinn Bike Reviews

It is most advantageous to order the right bike for you on the Internet, as expensive brand stores often make a huge markup on the product that is not profitable for both manufacturers and buyers. Also, on the Internet, the seller provides more useful information for the buyer about the bike and its brand. The only disadvantage of buying on the Internet is the lack of opportunity to experience this means of transportation. You can visit the official website of the company to see the whole range of bikes available there.

How much are Schwinn bikes? Prices vary by bike type and start at $500. In the Schwinn catalog, you can find bikes for more than three thousand dollars.Stay tuned, as in the following articles we will make a Schwinn bikes rating and overview of the company’s best bikes!

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