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Schwinn Bike Models by Year: Types of Bicycles and Their Overview

Schwinn Bike Models by Year

In Chicago, where in 1982 Schwinn made their first bike, no one could even imagine that the company would become one of the best bike producers in the USA.Bicycle company Schwinn is an “American icon of bicycle building”. Schwinn bike models by year are revered by cyclists on all continents. It is one of the world leaders in the bicycle selling field, whose products are especially in demand in North America, but are also well known in other countries. It should be noted that “iron horses” of budget price the American company does not offer as such, but still manage to satisfy the needs of almost anyone – regardless of gender, age, and preferred style of riding.

Types of Schwinn Bicycles

In general, the company Schwinn produces a fairly diverse model range of bicycles, thanks to which can meet the needs of all cyclists – from the young age to the retirement age. It is worth mentioning that the Schwinn lineup features a convenient division “by gender” – here you can see both “unisex models” and purely “male” and “female” bikes. That means that the Schwinn’s products are family-friendly, and you can buy bikes for each member of yours.

Mountain Bikes

As noted, Schwinn does not stand out with a wide selection of mountain bikes, offering only hard-tails (that is, bikes without rear shock absorption), but designed for both men and women. In the arsenal of the American brand, there is not a single professional MTB-bike – only a few simple models, which are not suitable for serious hobby sports.

The best examples of mountain bikes are:

Schwinn Mesa 1984
Schwinn Mesa (1984)
Schwinn Moab 1993
Schwinn Moab (1993)
Schwinn Rocket 2014
Schwinn Rocket (2014)

Road Bikes

A highly specialized type of bike. Ideal for classic road racing, cyclocross, and triathlon. They are characterized by lightweight frames with thin tubes, sports saddles, and numerous gears. As a rule, such “two-wheelers” have a special form of handlebars (called “ram’s horns”) that allows you to change your grip, a light and rigid frame with a stretched landing to improve aerodynamics, 28-inch wheels, and a complete lack of cushioning.

Example of the best bike:

Schwinn Fastback 1970
Schwinn Fastback (1970)

City Bikes

They are designed for everyday rides and walks on city streets or flat, rolling terrain. It is easy to identify Schwinn’s bikes, as they are not designed to be used as sporting equipment and are prepared for riding in casual clothing, and their philosophy is comfort and practicality, not efficiency or speed.

The greatest examples of such bikes are:

Schwinn Traveler 1975
  • Schwinn Traveler (1975) – comfortable city bike, which is designed for daily rides on good roads at a measured pace, available in several modifications.
Schwinn Sivica 2015
  • Schwinn Sivica (2015) – cozy bike, offered in both male and female versions, which is designed for quiet and safe riding on roads with paved and hard unpaved surfaces.


These bikes are designed for measured cycling in urban and suburban conditions and are aimed primarily at relaxed cyclists or fans of authentic, classic style. As a rule, these bikes surprise with a unique design and several design features, “sharpened” on the maximum level of comfort: the frame, providing a straight landing, wide curved handlebar, leather saddle with a soft filler, protective cover on the chain, etc. It is interesting that it was Schwinn who in 1933 produced the world’s first cruiser – it was a bicycle with a heavy frame and one-inch tires, similar to motorcycle cruisers (in fact, that is why it got such a name).

Schwinn bicycles identify the next models:

Perla 2018
Perla (2018)
Keala 2019
Keala (2019)

Children’s Bikes

Schwinn does not forget about the youngest cyclists – the company produces a diverse line of children’s bikes, covering all age groups (from one to nine years) with its products.

For children between the ages of seven and nine, the company offers mountain bikes: Cimarron and Thrasher.

The next group of bikes is single-speed city bikes for riders aged six to nine years, designed for recreational riding on roads with good pavement, namely, models with aluminum frame – Aerostar (for boys) and Stardust (for girls).

For young cyclists aged four to six years in the model range, Schwinn offers single-speed walking bikes: Gremlin, Scorch, Backdraft, Iris, and Piston.

For kids from two to four years old, Schwinn makes single-speed bikes that, thanks to quick-release connecting rods, can be “transformed” into running bikes: Trooper and Pixie.

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