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Rules for use of lighting on bicycles

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  • Check that the front and rear flashlights or flashes are working before each journey. Do it at the end of the day to be able to recharge the battery or replace discharged batteries with new ones.
  • Carefully observe how the light fixture is installed and where it shines. This point applies especially to the rear blinker, as many people install it in such a position that the rear wheel, wing, or load on the trunk simply close it. This makes the rider particularly at risk, as the safety element that marks him on the road for other riders is simply useless and invisible.
  • Treat other road users with respect and use the modes of operation which are available in your lights correctly. Do not use flashing or strobes in total darkness. These modes are designed to be used during daylight and at dusk. Constant light will be more correct in the darkness which does not irritate the eyesight or misinform drivers.
  • Watch the direction of the headlamp beam. It should not shine too high as it will dazzle oncoming vehicles. Remember, a car has a low beam and a high beam for this purpose. You can just lower the light so it illuminates the section of the road which is necessary for your speed.
  • Remember to use a flashlight or white flashlight at the front and red at the back. It is very advisable to install reflective elements. You will be partially protected by passive means in the event of a loss of performance of the lights.
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