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Road to the vintage bicycle world: all that you need to know about it

Do you want to get a bicycle from the past century? Great! But have you ever tried to dig deeper and understand more about classic vintage bicycles? Whether you are interested in searching for images or reading some important information – you will find something useful for you.

For not wasting you time we recommend you to read this abstract and have some pictures about topics that will be discussed:

  • TOP-5 reasons why people want old fashioned bicycles (some psychological aspects);
  • A short list of most common questions of searchers about bikes (gear, the difference between retro, classic and antique, etc.);
  • The most famous models that we like and adore.

Come on, read, enjoy, and have fun! You won’t regret it!

Welcome to the World of Vintage, Retro, and Classic

vintage inspired bike

You know, in 2020, like in previous years, there is a world-wide trend on retro stuff. Most probably, you are one of those people that adore all kinds of design that used to be in the 1930-1970s era. Style, fashion, and design have one common thing – they have a cycling nature. Some Coca-Cola Fridge that was come in use in the late 1960s you can see now standing in some restaurant with a huge check.

Or, going back to our topic, you can easily notice at least several dozens of models of vintage bikes around the city. Mostly, they are used for decoration, but somebody is riding them in daily life. Why is that? For God’s sake, why?! There are at least 5 huge advantages and reasons for such popularity of vintage style bicycles.

Why are they so popular?

victoria strukovskaya

Whether you have a soul and heart of a hipster or you are just a classical hype-train-fan you see the design of a vintage bicycle, and want to have some of them in your house. We have outlined the TOP-5 advantages of having a minimum one vintage style bike:

  • It’s a trend. Now it is one of the most important things for zoomers and even some boomers to be on the same page with the rest of the planet. Everybody wants to be trendy.
  • It looks great! Original, unique, something from another universe… The owner of such an old steel horse is brave, stylish, and always will have the attention of the rest during the day.
  • Retro bicycles can show your inner world. It’s a matter of self-expression. Someone does it by buying some old fashioned clothes, others – by buying bikes.
  • It’s more comfortable. Simplicity, convenience, and comfort. In the 20th century, bicycles were technically simple, easier to repair, and look for.
  • Modern or retro – a bike is a bike. The main thing about having a bicycle is to obtain the ability to travel in the way you like. It’s much eco-friendly in comparison with a car, and a much faster way to get in time and lose some weight (if we talking about some small cities, towns or villages).

Some typical questions about vintage-looking bikes

vintage style bike

Should I have a native gear?

For whom you must or should to have original equipment? For your mama, mates, or you and only you? There some things you should understand. Firstly, to find an original gear + real old bike is a quite a hard and expensive thing. For example, you have found the nice looking bicycle on eBay and it costs 2 000$. It’s in great shape, with cool design and even with the original helmet! But on the same eBay, you have found the same model of a bike fo 1 500$! The only difference is that helmet is absent. Will you pay an extra 500$ just for a simple old helmet?

Secondly. it’s not obligatory to have native gear if you don’t like it at all. So why should you even think about buying it! Just find the one you like and buy additionally.

Classical and old fashioned bikes: what is the difference?

vintage bike

We can start some boring things about that the crucial point is about the essence and meaning of each term. Like, there are hundreds of models of modern bikes that have been designed similarly as the models of the 1960s.

What age should be bicycle to be retro, antique?

Again, the difference is no so significant for the one who doesn’t care. On the one hand, it comes back to the price (spoiler: antique is more expensive). On the other hand, you should remember about why should you have it (will you ride it or just put on the wall).

Best retro bicycles ever made!

best vintage bike

Finally, we prepared some of the most interesting models of the 20th century so you get inspired in this old-fuck design!

Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

The #1 in our inspirational collection goes to the Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike for its gorgeous design! Precious metal, gold, and jewelry – this bike is real peace of art! The colors… Red goes faster and it always looks so stylish! And minimalistic brown shades make it even better!

The Ascari City

The company is well-known in the field of increating cars (it has made a name in this industry). And now it is also associated with the best vintage bikes company in the world! The key feature is the usage of steel, wood, leather, and other precious things. For example, just look at The Ascari King Plus – Black!

Vintage luxury bicycle Koinago

The bicycle is created by Campagnolo. Is well-known for it’s set of slim 650c and 700c wheels and the tubular system designed by Vittoria (Italian brand). The bike looks wonderful because of the big wheels, slender frame.

Let’s outline some crucial points from the article

best retro bike
  1. There are a lot of advantages to having a retro bicycle. For instance, it can help you to express yourself, and boost your diet and make you lose weight.
  2. There some peculiarities about differences in terms (classical, retro, and antique bicycles). Mostly, it concerns about the price.
  3. We have shared with you our list of the most significant designs on the planet.

It’s time to say goodbye!

We just want to thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, you will be interested in reading our other articles! Stay toasty and wishing you to ride some good vintage bike!

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