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Right Sandwiches for a Hungry Cyclist

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We all feel hunger after exercising and we need nutritious and healthy food to ease the hunger. There’re a few specificities when it comes to cyclists.

Cyclists need light, rich with carbohydrates, and easy-to-digest food with low amounts of trans-fats and high glycemic index. A sandwich can serve this purpose if it is made in the right way.

The sandwich can combine any ingredients together changing its nutritional qualities and being suitable for anyone. You can prepare a sandwich which is rich in protein or in healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. You can make meat, vegan, or vegetarian sandwich too.

So here’s a list of right sandwiches for cyclists which are extremely rich in nutrients and were designed especially for post-exercise recovery and pre-exercise meal intakes.

Vegetable pita

vegetable pita

It’s the lightest and the richest in fiber and antioxidants sandwich which is made of a whole-grain pita filled with bean patty, garlic sauce, spinach, rush salad, sliced avocado, and a slice of slim goat cheese.

Bacon-butter sandwich

Bacon-butter sandwich

This extraordinary sandwich will help you to rapidly regain lost energy after a long ride. To revive yourself with a nice portion of fast carbohydrates, grill two slices of rye bread, then spread two teaspoons of peanut butter mixed with the same amount of honey on it and cover it with two slices of fried bacon and cut it in half.

Fresh tuna sandwich for post-exercise recovery

tuna sandwich

This sandwich includes big amounts of protein and Omega-3 acids which will help your muscles to recover fast. Put one hundred grams of tuna fillet or shredded tuna between two pieces of bread and add sliced apple, salad leafs, sour cream, and almond flakes. This sandwich is well-balanced in the terms of protein and carbohydrates correlation and can provide the right backing for your musculature and joints.

Grab-N-Go sweet roll

Grab-N-Go sweet roll

Cover flatbread with a thin layer of Nutella paste. Sprinkle shredded almonds or other nuts on it then place banana slices across the flatbread. Then roll it into one roll and put it into the fridge to let the ingredients stick together.

These sandwiches will help you to endorse your body during exhausting exercises and to get back in the saddle again soon. Proper nutrition is a necessary condition for successive cycling and physical performance.

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