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Pros and cons of tubeless tires for a bike

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The existence of tubeless bicycle tires will be news to some, and not surprisingly, because they appeared relatively recently. The popularity of cameraless bicycle wheels has increased in recent years. What kind of tires are these, and what are their features? Let’s get this sorted out.

We’re used to changing the camera when you puncture a bike wheel. The camera is a thin rubber tube that’s underneath a dense tire that’s in direct contact with the road surface. This is what creates the pressure between the rim and the tire, allowing the cyclist to ride comfortably.

The name “tubeless tire” means that there shouldn’t be any tube under the tire. The tires are fitted to the rim of the wheel in a special way and a sealant replaces the tube underneath the tires.

So why do these wheels become more popular day by day? What are its advantages?

  • Tubeless tires have excellent resistance, so they virtually eliminate the possibility of puncture;
  • The Tubeless Tires allow you to ride at the low air pressure, unlike a camera tire;
  • The bike is easier to ride;
  • A bicycle with a tubeless tire has less rolling resistance.

But despite the obvious advantages, the tubeless tires also have some drawbacks

  • One of the downsides is the replacement of sealant, which must be done periodically. In addition, the tire must also be replaced if the sealant is changed.
  • The installation of tubeless rubber requires certain skills and equipment.

In most cases, such tires are used for mountain bikes, as the probability of puncture is too high when riding in the mountains, on stony terrain. A tubeless tire will reduce the chance of a puncture, and thus save the rider from unplanned stopping and repairing. Such tires are also a success among road bikes. It is quite possible that very soon they will replace outdated tires with cameras.

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