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Pros and Cons for the Bike Alleviation

bike alleviation

You may want to change something in your bike if you’re an experienced cyclist. Bike weight is something that’s constantly reminded about itself. You need to cope with gravity when you’re cycling and obviously, the bike’s alleviation will help you to ride easier.

There are two main reasons why you might want to alleviate your bike:

  • aesthetic
  • practical


minimalist classy bike

Alleviated and the minimalist classy bike is more aesthetic from the side view as well as more comfortable and handy. The cycling market is abundant with tricked-out and technologically sophisticated bikes but at some point, we want to see something simple and non-intrusive.

There’re plenty of retro-style bikes on today’s cycling market and you can transform your own road bike into something similar if you don’t want to buy a new one. Minimalist painting, body kit removal, fixed gear, and other measures will alleviate your bike and make it more aesthetic.

You can make a perfect transformation if you own a retro-styled road bike or a city bike. You will have a minimalistic, original, and pleasing the eye bike in style.


bicycle near the wall

Practical aspect of the bike’s alleviation affects the bike’s reel and cycling efficiency. Your bike will be easier to be serviced and your riding efficiency will be increased. A lesser amount of technical particles will prevent damage and small breakages although alleviated bikes will look unusual at first.

Advanced bike’s body kit makes it handier and comfortable for novice cyclists but if you have some experience in cycling you can dispense with it. Bicycle wings, bell, trunk, and bags can be removed in order to make your bike lighter and more efficient.

You can transmit your bike to a fixed-gear. You will have to operate with only one gear but your bike will drop off a lot of unnecessary parts. The alleviated bike is better for many reasons and is more comfortable and handier practically.

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