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Outdoor Storage for Bicycles: How to Leave Your Bike Outside and Do Not Worry?

outdoor storage for bikes

Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas: Know Where!

If you buy or rent a bicycle for a long period of time, there is always the question of storing it. The easiest solution is a folding model. Read our article about folding bikes and tips on how to choose the best one. It can be stored on a mezzanine or in a closet and do know worry about your bike. However, if you do not have a folding bike, you have to come up with various interesting outdoor bicycle storage ideas. Every owner of an expensive road bike or amateur cyclist with an ordinary bicycle has ever wondered about how to store a bicycle outside. The problem of storing two-wheeled transport worries everyone who has a bicycle.

Why Should You Care about How to Find the Bike Outdoor Storage?

All equipment requires care and maintenance, this fully applies to bicycles. Stretched cables, rubber bands and seals dry out and crack. A lot of problems are caused by rust, which reduces the performance of unprotected places of the bike. Fans of carbon frames have to struggle with temperature changes, which lead to formation of micro-cracks. It begs the question: why do cars drive normally all year round while using worse quality materials than some expensive bikes? In addition, a running engine creates a significant temperature differential and high humidity. However, cars ride for decades thanks to the preparation for the cold season and they do not have such a problem as the outdoor bicycle storage. But the cyclist should think about how to keep the health of their iron horses.

The bicycle season has been open for a long time, and that’s great! But we’ve noticed that bicycle thieves have stepped up this year and are not giving the cycling community any peace at all. All these raise the questions about how and where to safely keep your bike and what bike storage outdoor to choose?

Frequent posts on social networks asking for help to find a stolen bike is like a knife to the heart, while the thieves are keen to steal every bike they see and even bikes for the very young! By the way, recently we have written a post about the serial numbers of the bike, which may help you identify your bike and prove that it is yours, read the article, if you have not already done it! People passing by are mostly in a hurry about their business and aren’t used to paying attention to someone trying to break the lock of someone else’s bike. The reason for this is not so much people’s indifference, but simply a lack of desire to get into conflicts over such not too expensive (in most people’s opinion) transport as a bicycle. What is the best bicycle storage outdoor?

How to Strap Your Bike with an Outdoor Bike Storage Locker to Avoid Theft?

bicycle storage outdoor

First, choose an appropriate outdoor bike storage locker based on how far you leave your bike. Choose the outdoor bicycle storage place where you want to fasten your bike: bike parking, a tree, a handrail. Try to test the strength of what you will be attaching your bike to. If possible, strap both wheels together with the frame. Sometimes there are desperate people who don’t care what they steal and take what they can. If you can’t do that, it’s better to either take the wheel you didn’t strap on with you, or take it off and lock it to the frame. If you have the U-lock lock, you shouldn’t fasten the upper tube of the frame with it, because there are cases when the thieves use it as a lever and break the lock. It is better to secure the bottom frame with the U-lock lock. According to statistics, both in the U.S. and abroad, U-lock locks are considered the most reliable and cheap outdoor bike storage. This variant limits the places where it is possible to fasten a bicycle, as it is necessary to have a strong structure, to which it is possible to lean a seat tube of a frame and a back wheel, and then to block completely by a lock arch. You can do the following: remove the wheel from the front and lock it with the rear wheel.

If the lock is placed high, it will be difficult for the thieves to use bolt cutters, this will also secure the vehicle. An intruder needs a supporting point for sawing solid metal, so often the bicycle is supported by one handle against something solid, and the other handle carries all the weight. If the locking bar is high enough, the above actions will not work. If it is not a U-shaped bike lock, but a chain or rope for protection, it is worth wrapping around the frame before you fasten it. The chain must fit tightly to the frame and railing, then it will be much harder to get rid of it.

In case of outdoor storage for bikes, all easily removable items (saddle, bike computer) should be taken away with you, or fastened with a special lock. For the highest level of protection, it is better to buy an additional lock. This discourages thieves, since there are enough other bikes that are more easily accessible. Following the simplest rules will help deter thieves if there is no other option than to leave the bike buckled. Remember! The strength of the lock is the length of your peace of mind and a test of the thief’s nerves. And if you prefer to use a chain to secure your bike, choose a chain no thinner than 12 mm – this will keep the thief away for a longer time.

Outdoor Bike Storage Shed – One of the Best Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas

In addition to the name “outdoor bike storage shed” you may often hear “bicycle garage”. It is a small construction where you can put one or more bicycles and their accompanying equipment: a pump, keys with screwdrivers, spare tires, etc. A separate small shed will save a lot of space in the house, as well as to protect the bike from the harmful weather conditions. This is the main advantage of the storage sheds for bikes, however, only they are mostly suitable for a private house or cottage. If the owner lives in an apartment, then setting off the storage shed for bicycles is also possible, but in this case you should ask neighbors for their approval.

In gated or secured yards, where many residents use bicycles, the good bike storage idea outside will be a purchase of bike sheds, which can fit more than 2 bikes. Usually, all bike storage sheds are labeled with a number and come with a unique lock and key. The phenomenon of mass storage of bicycles is very common in our country, and that is why:

  • a lot of space is freed up in the apartment;
  • no need to drag the bike to the floor, even in the elevator;
  • protection from cold and precipitation;
  • this outdoor storage for bicycles protects your bike from being stolen.

What Bicycle Sheds Storage Outdoor Are There?

bike storage sheds

The simplest option can be an ordinary booth, which is locked with a key from the outside. In general, a custom-built bicycle sheds storage outdoor can be insulated on the inside with foam rubber. The booth will be less cooled and heated slower, temperature differences will decrease, therefore, temperature deformation of the supporting structure will no longer be a threat. A significant disadvantage is the emergence of moisture, which is well absorbed by insulation. To get moisture inside the garage is very easy. It is enough to ride through puddles and mud, and then leave the bike in the shed. You can, of course, wash the wheels, but drying them will be a problem. And yes, dragging the bike home, and then back in the booth looks irrational.

There is also a summer version of such sheds – open bike storage sheds plastic with a canopy. A well-known option – plastic walls and a polycarbonate roof. Reminiscent of the bus stop in miniature and is designed for storing bicycles in the dry and warm seasons close to the house, such as at the cottage. Such a shed without a door will be able to slightly protect the bike from sudden rain.

Another interesting option would be a wooden box garage. The elongated structure is equipped with a retractable open case where bicycles are placed. The box then slides back in and closes with a key. This type of bicycle is a perfect 2 bike storage shed, which would also be good on the lot of your house, it is convenient to store your bike in at any time of the year.
In case you need to store your bikes outside the house, the best solution is to buy a special outdoor bicycle storage. It can protect your bikes from bad weather, solve the problem of bike thieves, and help save your nerves without thinking about the safety of your bike. When choosing a shed, think carefully about how many bicycles you want to store in it and how much space you have to install this shed in your yard.

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